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Default Cloud sync has mangled my quest list

Hi all,

I switched over from local to cloud and last night got my first "Your files are out of sync. Which ones should we use?" And so I chose the most recent.

The result was a mess.

I have a level 100 character who has completed the Forgotten Gods quest line. The character itself is intact and correct (as far as I can tell). My inventory, devotions, attributes, gear, are they way they should be.

But the quest list associated with the character is mangled and incorrect. It's showing quests I've already completed on this character. Generally this wouldn't be a problem. I would just play through them again. Except that some of the quests require unique items that I can no longer get which makes the quest impossible to complete.

For example, the game now says I haven't completed "Tomb of the Eldritch Sun." "Tomb of the Eldritch Sun" requires the Sigil of the Three to complete but since that's a unique item and I've already gained and used it, there is no way for me to regain that item and replay that quest.

Is there a way to fix or mod my quest list so that it's accurate? This isn't a huge deal except there's that quest sitting over there on my screen that is impossible for me to complete.

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Based on what you're describing, trying to rebuild the quest progress of that character would be messy at best.

I recommend not using steam's cloud saves if you're having such issues with it.
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Boo. That's what I was afraid of. Thanks!
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