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Old 05-17-2019, 07:39 PM
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Another attempt using Demo/Arcanist. 4 greens though and probably lacks damage.
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Old 05-19-2019, 06:11 AM
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As promised i leveled my Battlemage and tried the phys conversion. This is, what i ended up doing:


I'm still missing 3 skillpoints (Last lvl, Hidden Path and FG), but there's nothing meaningful to pick up anymore; Fightig Spirit seems like the most useful place to allocate them.

So how did this guy do? Well, it's allright, but nothing special. Despite 2.9k OA unbuffed/ 3.5k OA buffed, 2.2k % inc phys dmg unbuffed/ 2.8k inc phys dmg buffed, 57% critdmg, decent castspeed (182% ingame unbuffed, overcapped with buffs) and all the phys RR available the damage is somewhat lackluster.

Admittedly i killed all storybosses and cleared SR 35/36 for my SR Skillpoints without struggle, so it's not all gloom and doom. But Devastation clearly is the saving grace here, Obliteration's damage on its own wouldn't cut it. Around SR 45 i expect the build to reach it's limits due to damage and sustain problems.

My ingame tooltip is 92k unbuffed, wich is funnily enough almost exactly half the tooltip of my Clairvoyant AAR Spellbinder. The real damage output of this Obliteration build compared to said AAR Spellbinder is even worse: it's roughly two thirds lower than ARR.

The Spellbinder for reference:


My typical ticks with Obliteration are inbetween 25k - 40k, occasionally a tad lower or higher. Btw the (mechanically godawful) skill from the weapon, bonelance, hits just as hard in the hands of my character, without any particular buildaround. The AAR Spellbinder ticks for 40-120k.

On top of that the manacosts of Obliteration are a bit steeper, than i expected. With 12/12 Iskandra's, 10/10 Mental Alacrity, 2xEctoplasm, 3x Hammerfall powder and Harp, wich is up 90% of the time, i still need to use potions regularily. (Wich imho means that atm Arcanist is a must, if you want to use Obliteration). Clairvoyant AAR has zero.zero manaissues, but of course that's one of the sellingpoints of the set.

Another issue the build has, is, that neither Arcanist nor Soldier have a good "procc-machine-skill" like pox, wop, bwc, RE or Stormbox. Because in principle i would like to use Shifting Sands on Obliteration, Blizzard on Devastation and Assassin's Mark on a Proccer-Skill. But there is no good option. I've considered to use Aether corruption for that purpose, but to give up 25% Aether to phys conversion for Devastation in order to squeeze in another procc seemed too high of an opportunitycost to me. Hence i had to cut Blizzard or Sands. With a heavy heart i decided to give up on Blizzard and picked up Hawk and the Behemoth hp+armour node instead.

All that being said, what would i Obliteration's damage like to be? The same as AAR? Hell, no! The character has all the typical great stats of phys-based characters, the armour, the DA, the phys res etc and giving him the same damage as if he would use a toptier mastery skill would be way overkill. A littlebit more though imho is necessary to make Obliteration worth playing.

Therefore now i believe that giving the skill a littlebit of weapondamage and maybe raising the base damage by a moderate amount would be the easiest solution: Suddenly you could leech a bit of energy and life, and (hopefully) would do acceptable damage. Average ticks of 40-60k would be nice to see and would still be very significantly lower than AARs damage.

Some words about the not 100% self-explanatory parts of the build:

One Point in Fabric of Reality in order to leech a a bit of Energy with Shifting Sands. It's not doing all that much, but the point isn't missed anywhere.

Harp in devotions was my way to deal with the manaissues. Furthermore the character has a bazillion % inc OA, so the flat OA from the procc is very impactful too. All in all i like my devotion setup, but it's certainly worth considering completely different ones, wich very well might be better, for example Hourglass and Light of Empyrion are interesting devotions for this build. (Blind Fury or Meteor shower not so much, due to the "proccproblem").

Cursebearer, Sigil of the bear King and Divinesteel Hauberk are all very debatable and replaceable, preferably with well-rolled greens. But on the other hand i really like, that the current version of the build uses only items, wich are obtainable for everybody with legit gameplay, instead of crazy greens.

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Old Yesterday, 07:28 AM
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So I tried some of the builds out and things are certainly not as dire as I thought.

I particularly enjoyed: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlPbloV

The build is not as hard to itemize as it looks since outcast's hood works super well in place of that MI helm, better really with the proc, but it does rely heavily on the super resistances on the boots.

Life steel on the arcane tome would be nice. Or the small weapon dmg. Whatever.

It's certainly not an OP build by any stretch of the imagination and because the skill on the tome is a bit tricky to itemize around I think Obliterate could safely get a small buff of some form to help the build survive through combat a bit better.

I admit freely here that it doesn't *need* one, I think it could really use a small one. It would just be nice for those who don't power-farm or GD-stash.
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