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Originally Posted by uuujiiib View Post
Nice guide!

This seems like it will be a fantastic resource for newer players looking to grind the fuck out of cruc.

My only suggestion would be to go into more detail about "spawn camping" strats.

Its hinted at and briefly cited in places but is not concisely explained with examples (especially in "most difficult waves", or "specific arenas").

What I mean by this is that a very effective strategy for improving cleartimes and VASTLY improving safety for so-called "glass cannon" builds (but really is applicable to any build with very good single-target DPS) is to "spawn camp" at the beginning of waves in order to "instantly delete" something that spawns there, even before the rest of the wave aggros/reaches you. Obviously this varies from arena to arena, and you cant guarantee spawns, but I have found that doing this will greatly enhance survivability if you manage to catch certain problem spawns really "before the wave starts" (like anasteria).

Not only does doing this kind of thing make waves easier, but it is also a nice tip for those who are interested in trying to get crucible times as low as possible for their build.
Spawn camping is by all means a valid strategy and the right one for mid-tier builds and less experienced crucible players. It lets you eliminate threats one by one and improve your consistency a lot.

But there is one huge downside. By staying too far away from the opposite spawn zone you risk mobs there not aggroing soon enough. The best crucible players with sub 6 or even sub 5 times are mostly defined by how well they can deal with this particular issue.

Sadly, there is no simple solution to this. You basically gotta know where everybody is at any moment throughout your run and where they will be if you move here or there. A bit like chess. You gotta know where to stand and how to move at different stages of each wave to aggro everyone optimally.

@ Spanks

Add this if you will to FG guide strategies edition if you will. This is for b/b CoDeath:

- New 163 with Fucken Trio & Healers

STRATEGY: Move top-right to see who's coming. If it's the healers pull back to bottom-left beyond the banner. Mash whoever aggros, looking out if the healers moved inside the banner range. Once they do blink onto them and kill with all the prejudice you can muster. Then it's business as usual. If it's not the healers move back to the middle and carry on with your usual optimal way of dispatching the Trio according to the build.

- 169 2 Options

SPEEDIER OPTION: Get in the middle and be the badass. Just close enough to between top-left and bottom-left banner spots to aggro Anasteria into your banner range asap. After she does blink onto her and continue the carnage - if it's not Korvaak. If it's Korvaak you might be fucked without a top-tier build.

SAFER OPTION: Rush bottom-left to flash-kill the Fleshwarped dude or Uroboruuk Jr. Check out if it's Korvaak or Theo. If it's Korvaak jump out of the spawn zone and behind his back and kill him. If it's Theo do what everyone does - pretend he's not there - and immediately blink onto Anasteria. Fatsos should be dead by collateral by the time you're done with Anasteria and Theo/Korvaak 1st phase.

- Reaper, Kuba, Grava cheese

1. Stand in the right spot between the pillar and the banner. Only one speedy big nemesis should be hitting you. The other one should be running around trying to find a path and die by collateral. If it's not working facetank what you can and blink away to the NPC podium chokepoint.

2. It's possible to use Kuba as the pillar as described above.

3. Sidestep around Kuba to confuse Reaper.

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I’ve already included the top 2 tips in my 160-170 video I plan on uploading today.

Didn’t know about Kuba cheese - I’m going to quote you in the OP if you don’t mind
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Originally Posted by malawiglenn View Post
I will wait a few weeks until I GD-stash.
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Old 05-18-2019, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ya_ View Post
- New 163 with Fucken Trio & Healers
I was struggling with these MF-kers really bad. Thanks for the tip!

To sir spanks:
Just finished reading the guide. Epic work, man!
Hope to try the tips in action tonight <3
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