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Do you think it'd be possible to create a 1h/dw version of frost knight? :O
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I also thought that this would be a great combo with a DW Nightblade. Alas, all interesting overlapping skills are 2h melee.

What basically means the gameplay is limited to hitting people with glaciation waiting for that insane AOE 360 crit to proc. With a slow weapon.

I'm not sure what this build needs, but some kind of synergetic skills would be nice i guess. Soldier has blitz and warcry, callidor's arcanist has frost nova, etc.

How to make things more interesting. Perhaps split the power of that 1 sick, sick, over the top AOE passive to a few more more interesting ones. Some skill that lowers cold resist, or another debuff. Minus attack speed works I guess, seeing the cold theme and all!
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how does piercing ice work? does it require no physical% conversion on other tiems for it to work? or does it not update on status screen because ater investing i do not see damage being converted to piercing... my piercing is same before and after.
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