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Default Fetish Army

So i'm just going to throw this out here. I do 3D mesh in max and Zbrush as a living. Love the MOD,Thanks for all the hard work on it.

I just wish the Witch Doctor skill Fetish army looked something like the D3 models. So i made this yesterday, its my own idea of what a cool Fetish guy would look like.

Figured i could put it in game as the model. Till i started to read into Moding GD and.. ya that is complicated for me right now with life and such. No time to learn.

If anyone knows how it could be put into game, i would be happy to give them the files. It comes in low poly and has texture UV mapping. If its not possible that is OK. Was just happy i tried

Also i could change the model if it would need some changes to be imported.

low poly Version.

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Originally Posted by SAgos View Post
I just wish the Witch Doctor skill Fetish army looked something like the D3 models.
Hi Sagos, great work for this model.
It's possible to import this model, however it would need to be rigged and have animations (attacks, moving, death..) which is a lot of work.
If Grimer wants the fetish army I could import it from D3 and it should be a lot easier.
Lost Treasures Mod :http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42534
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Originally Posted by medea fleecestealer View Post
jiaco wanted monsters from everywhere to be in the mod, not just in their areas.

Easiest way to do what you want is to uninstall latest Grimarillion and reinstall the v64e version.
Originally Posted by jiaco View Post
I agree with you completely on everything. Problem is, while I played the hell out of this game pre AoM, my free time since then has been pretty much zero and I would have needed a lot of time to play those areas before I could mod the proxies the way I did for all the pre-xpac content.

The current version was a fun experiment in lua scripting, but does not have the same feel as the original because the original was a lot of time spent in Asset Manager (AM) making things the hard way. Between not really knowing very well the new areas and my general distaste for using a GUI to do stuff like you have to do in AM, I did the best I could.

If someone wanted to look at the old sources and get the xpacs modded in a similar fashion to the pre-xpac content, I would vote to use that Grimmest over the current, but I do not see any end to my RL-hell, so it is not likely to come from me.

Sorry to disappoint, but I know what you mean.
It's ok, I'm keeping the v64e for the time being since mixing monsters like this in the campaign brakes immersion for me.

Originally Posted by Pierre View Post
I agree with you as i played it senseless.Reason why i like this version tho are that you can try a lot of different builds/playstyles.On the old version you had to have a DA class with the other class or high life steal in the case of my terror knight champ which could tank like a baws but this version i did a full cunning 2handed ranger and a full spr and its fun
Yeah there are upsides to the new versions like the increased stash size and update in classes. I shall keep an eye on newer versions to see if the benefits outweigh the downsides for me.
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It's hard to cater for all.I personally didn't mind the difficulty of the old version but my brother found it overwhelming.It also seems on MP on the new version its a little harder than usually or maybe its just me getting old and i can't click fast enough :P
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