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Default The Mad Sorcerer

The Mad Sorc! Elemental Fury

I've finally updated this old sorcerer gunslinger build. After all the game fixes, it is now more fun to play than ever, and I'd be happy to get your ideas to improve it!

Concept and playstyle

You want to combine as much elemental dmg with elemental debuffs to turn your character into an elemental fury. You'll need 2 complete sets, Marauder's Judgement (guns, gloves, belt) and Elemental Balance (rings). Rest is open to discussion.

Max masteries
Because you need hp (and all attribute points go to physique). You get less skill points but more spirit, which sinergizes with Inner Focus and compensate the dmg lost from the skills.

5 active skills
Olexra's Flash Freeze
Mirror of Ereoctes

Flash n'Freeze
Throw a flashbang then flash freeze them all (everybody stay cool!). These two combined give you the best crowd control and elemental debuff. If you don't like to spam flashbang (like me before), learn to like it.

Elemental Force
As you start shooting, the elemental force from your rings will start dancing all around. It's a beautiful spell and it's very powerful. The key is to stand just a few steps away from your opponent. When you get attacked by 3 bosses in Ultimate, the spell goes crazy, you can't see a thing and have no idea what's going on!

Absorption Master
Blast Shield (1250) + Maiven's Sphere (20%) + Turtle Shell (2700)

A must. Revenant + Haunted Steel gives you 17% - 9% lifesteal.
Bloodthirster will make it 47% - 39% for 8 sec.

Procs from items
Pyroclasm/Marauder's Salvo/Fire and Brimstone, all based on elemental dmg


Original Grim Calc build + devotion

With +4 to Demolitionist +2 to Arcanist, and all items:


First idea is to go for those final tier devotions, like Ulzuin's Torch or Blind Sage. I disagree with this approach. Take what you need, not what you want. You don't need to finish constellations, but you do need as much devotion skills as you can get, especially the defensive ones. Items and class skills should be focused on offense, devotion should be focused on defense.

Solael's Witchblade
Eldritch Fire bound to Fire Strike

Rowhan's Crown (3 points)
Elemental Storm bound to Flashbang

Dryad's Blessing bound to Olexra's Flash Freeze

Turtle Shell bound to Maiven's Sphere

Chariot of the Dead
Wayward Soul bound to Flame Touched

Behemoth (3 points)
Giant Blood bound to Vindictive Flame

Scholar's Light
Revenant (5 points)
Hydra (3 points)


This character is optimized for 7 epics and only 6 legendaries:

Pistols: Marauder's Judgement set
Pistols materias: Haunted Steel and Hell's Bane Ammo
Head: Mask of Infernal Truth
Chest and shoulders: Ulzuin's Avatar set
Hands: Marauder's Judgement set
Legs: Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind
Feet: Golemborn Greaves
Waist: Marauder's Judgement set
Amulet: Empowered Essence of Beronath
Rings: Elemental Balance set
Medal: Blood Sigil of Ch'Thon
Relic: Ulzuin's Pyroclasm

Older version

This is the evolution of the Mad Sorcerer for for ultimate difficulty. For now this character feels invincible in Elite and is very fun to play in Ultimate. It’s still good without the legendary items. I only found few myself for this build, and still try to find all the others to make it 100% legit.

Character sheet in ultimate difficulty in B30 :

Offensive strategy

From skills:
Max Explosive Strike (22/12)
Max Brimstone (22/12)
Max Iskandra's Elemental Exchange line
Arcane Will
Ulzuin’s Wrath

From items:
Lightning Aura
Prismatic Rage
Unchained Fury
Blazing Fury
Ulzuin’s Flame

From devotion:
Elemental Storm
Viper’s debuff

Defensive strategy

From skills:
Mirror or Ereoctes
Maiven’s Sphere
Vindictive Flame
Concussive Bomb

From items:
Void-Ward Aura
Time Warp
Static Charge

From devotion:
Turtle Shell
Wayward Soul
Giant’s Blood
Tip the Scales

Note: these last 4 are the most important to play the game in ultimate difficulty



With +skills and Devotion

Skill road

To lvl 25:
+1 Fire Strike
+6 Explosive Strike
+6 Canister Bomb
Max Explosive Strike
+6 Static Strike
+6 Iskandra's Elemental Exchange
+1 Mirror of Ereoctes
+6 Overload

To lvl 50:
Max Static Strike
Max Fire Strike
-5 Canister Bomb
Max Concussive Bomb
Max Iskandra's Elemental Exchange
Max Maiven's Sphere
Max Overload
Max Inner Focus
Max Mirror of Ereoctes

To lvl 85:
Max Brimstone
Max Elemental Balance
+8 to Flame Touched
+1 Temper
+1 Vindictive Flame
+1 Ulzuin's Wrath


Empty Throne
Rhowan’s Crown
Scales of Ulcama
Chariot of the Dead (6 points)
Behemoth (4 points)
Targo the Builder (3 points)
Order Crossroads (1 point)

Devotion road

+Chaos Crossroads

+Eldritch Crossroads
-Eldritch Crossroads
+Scholar's Light

+Ascendant Crossroads
+Empty Throne
-Ascendant Crossroads
+Rowhan's Crown
-Chaos Crossroads
-Scholar's Light
+Chariot of the Dead (6 points)

+Order Crossroads
+Scales of Ulcama
+Behemoth (4 points)
+Targo the Builder (3 points)


Pistols: Exterminus
Pistols materias: Haunted Steel and Hell's Bane Ammo
Chest, shoulders, head and amulet: Ulzuin's Avatar set
Hands: Grasp of Unchained Might
Legs: Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind
Feet: Golemborn Greaves
Waist: Ulzuin's Torment
Rings: Lifegiver Signet
Medal: Pyroclasm Mark
Relic: Ulzuin's Pyroclasm


I put all attribute points into physique, all the way to lvl 85.
It’s important to max Mirror or Ereoctes to get the minimum skill recharge (15 sec), then every fight goes like this (only go to the next step if you’re losing more than 30% of your HP):

- Initiate with Canister Bomb
- Activate Bloodthirster
- Use Mirror or Ereoctes
- Drink a potion
- Run a bit and repeat

During this process, all your passive heal/buff/debuff will activate, and turn the fight into a nice show. Very fun in Ultimate.

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Awww shit, it's out!

Can't wait for the full guide!

So I should bookmark this thread as the place you will be continuing this build rather than the B28 thread?

Additionally, can I please request a guide as to how to progress through the selecting of Devotion, similar to the design below

+ = Spec in
- = Spec out

+ Crossroads (Ascendant)
+ Crossroads (Eldritch)
+ Shepard's Crook
+ Raven
+ Akeron's Scorpion
+ Rhowhan's Crown
- Crossroads (Eldritch)
+ Crossroads (Chaos)
+ Fiend
+ Bat
- Crossroads (Chaos)
+ Empty Throne

And a guide as to how to progress through the Skills.

I hope I don't ask the world, bud

Thanks, Skorpius!

Rick Grimes - LVL 50 SC Single-Pass Full-Clear Fire Strike Pyro - Veteran - 7909 HP - 4720 DPS - 128% IAS - 79/80/80/62/80/58/0/0/0/18 - 625k Iron - Item Level 38 - Deaths 0

Mods - Grim Dawg's Good Looking Mod - Tools - Mamba's GD Stash

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Here I was, thinking to myself "Okay, this is going to be the time where I actually start playing Awesome old cRPGs and maybe finally get the first exalt drop in Path of Exile after 1000 hours since first playing."...

Then I saw this.


It's time to get back to Cairn and farm for another 100+ hours for that very elusive Heart of Ulzuin and MAYBE that Badge of Mastery recipe.

Awesome build, been waiting for this update to come.
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and here I' am, finding myself building a dual pistol class. Will definitely use this as my main reference.

Note to self:
f*ck self-found sh*t! I want to enjoy this build!
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Any game play video?
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This build looks awesome (was looking for a dual pistols character).

Could you please link a few steps for the skills build ? Like lvl 15, 30, 45, 60. A devotion road would be cool too.
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Are 335 cunning at lvl 85 enough? Most legendaries need more and even the exonerator needs 384. Is there a devotion skill or item which reduces the requirements?

edit: even with -10% from hawk you still need 346 cunning.

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Ulzuin's Chestguard is another -15% Cunning Requirement For Ranged Weapons
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With Hawk and Ulzuin's Chestguard, required cunning for the Exonerator is 287. I don't plan to use any other gun for that build so I felt confident putting all points in physique, but I still made a backup of that character with the last 5 points unspent, in case they make some changes in the next update or add new items.
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I've been playing a similar build. I think it's definitely worth putting 1 point into nullification.
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