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Originally Posted by Slayre View Post
Looks like there are 13 below level 50, so that might be it.
Zantai had answered that some pages ago, so that should be it
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Originally Posted by Crow Crown View Post
I don't get it.
The image says 55 set items in the vanilla grim dawn game. But Grimtools counts 68. 41 epic and 27 legendary quality. Why are 13 sets left out?
Because normal and empowered versions of an epic item are only counted once. The same applies to the AoM count.
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Loving it already. Thanks for the great work.
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This DLC is a beast that show how is the DLC's gonna be. it includes so much bosses new legendaries and nemeses too. Thanks for the good work keep it up!
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I really like the continuation of the story!
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Default Great

Keep it comin Crate
Best arpg I have played
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wow awesome stats! no regrets in getting AoM instead of Diablo 3 Necromancer DLC.
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Grim Dawn at it is now, is much better than any possible expansion that Diablo III could bring to us in near future.
I say that after having spent years playing the I and II.
If i had to choose now, between having spent my money buying Diablo III and expansion or simly donating it to Crate developers, thinking about the fun i had with the 2 games, id choose the second witout any doubt.
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Love this game so much better than Diablo III, can't hardly wait for the next expansion "Forgotten Gods"! Crate Rocks!
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