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Default [Tool] GrimChecklist - Because your memory sucks

I make a lot of characters, and when I do I want to get all the One Shot Chests and Devotions Shrines. The only downside was keeping track of all the ones I'd already ticked.

So I decided screw it, I'm sick of using my brain for silly things like "remembering". Why not let someone else do it? Someone like a website. So I release the website for anyone else who happens to hate remembering things. Because the more remembering we have to do the less Grim Dawn we get to play!

The following still needs to be added:
  • Shrine screenshots
  • Notes

If you find any problems or see some wrong information feel free to respond and I'll look into it.


20th November 2018:
  • Updated One-Shot Chests and Quests for Ashes of Malmouth.
20th December 2017:
  • Updated shrines for Ashes of Malmouth. One-Shot Chests a WIP because I have to actually find those.
  • Updated the Special Thanks section on the About change: Massive shoutout to both jajaja and Luzzifus for their direct and indirect support.
28th February 2017:
  • Renewed domain so the website actually shows now, lel.
  • Added donation button as suggested by Anyx. Donations are optional but appreciated and all funds will go towards website maintenance.
21st December 2016:
  • Added About page which briefly describes the website with all the special thanks relocated to it.
  • Added nav links for popular fansites and services like GrimCalc, Graceful Dusk, the Discord server, etc. A lot of these people make great services and deserve thanks too!
21st October 2016:
  • Fixed typo on Quests page
  • Removed links to Notes/Misc page - I may get around to finishing these later but there's other more pressing issues for me in the meantime
6th August 2016:
  • Added NPC names for the Faction Quests. Thanks to immor for these!
4th April 2016:
  • New note: Act 3's "Making a Deal" main quest requires "Honored" status with Homestead
  • New note: Act 4's "Legion Retribution" side quest requires "Honored" status with The Black Legion
24th March 2016
  • Act 1 Quests had a counter issue which has now been fixed.
23rd March 2016
  • Added checklists for Quests from Act 1 through 4, including Order of the Death's Vigil, Kymon's Chosen and The Outcast factions.
  • Fixed counter error in Act 2 Ultimate for Devotion Shrines. Given how the code works you might see some oddities if you've ticked boxes here already (some boxes might become unticked, some might be ticked). Ticking/unticking as necessary will fix this.
7th March 2016
  • Ominous Lair screenshot updated as the entrance has grown legs and moved.
5th March 2016
  • Massive overhaul of the website. Added the ability to save multiple characters, as well as changed the way extra difficulties are displayed. Due to the nature of this update all previous data will have been lost. I apologize for the inconvenience.
26th February 2016
  • Checkboxes are now saved upon reload. Rejoice! A "Reset" button is at the top of the page that clear the storage -- PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL REMOVE BOTH CHESTS AND SHRINE DATA.
  • Spined Cove has moved! Screenshot updated to reflect this.
  • Darkvale Gate's screenshot has been updated to reflect the chest moving a few inches to the right.
23rd February 2016
  • Official release

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