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Default One more idea for MI filtering

I just got back to actually playing GD and realised how frustrating rare+ filter is, cause it shows not only MIs, but all other rares as well.
I'm aware that there were other similar topics in the past regarding extra filter options for MIs (between rare and epic) and different color for MIs, but all these ideas weren't considered good enough I guess.

So I'm proposing something a bit different — what if there was an extra option in settings, named "Filter by base item" or something like that? Right now item filter checks resulting item rarity, e.g. an item with common or magic base but with rare affix is rare, so it matches the filter. But if you turn this option on, the filter will check base item, so in the example above it would be a common item.
This might look a bit stupid for common/magic items, but this guarantees that you can filter MIs by setting this filter to rare, because all MIs have rare item base.

Personally I don't see any downsides to this — by default this option is turned off, so people won't notice any difference, but if they go to settings, they can tune item filtering to their liking. Of course it doesn't solve all problems, but at least it will reduce the screen clutter. Plus I think this feature can be implemented in couple hours, unless TQ code is that bad
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Not exactly what you are asking for but close enough perhaps?

You'll need to dig through the last 2 pages to find a current update though. Although this doesn't so much reduce the clutter as let you spot MIs and rare affixes at a glance
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But then....

you'd miss all the green Stoneguard x of the Kings that everyone seems to find.

JK. However, this does sounds like a good idea for a mod - where you could highlight certain words, allowing for very selective greens to show. As such, MI words and desirable prefix/suffix could be on the list.

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Well apparently Crate hates adding configurable settings to the game, so the chance of them implementing anything like this seems quite remote.
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This would be a nice feature. Good idea.
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Most of us have memorized all MIs by now (me included), but I think a filter would still be nice. This idea however won't be used by a lot of people because we still need to pick up those useless preserver, redeemer and exalted items to get enough iron bits to craft stuff.
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