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Default [B28] The Mad Sorcerer

The Mad Sorcerer (B28)


* Make a very fast clearing dual wield pistols character by focusing on dps and offensive ability
* Optimize survivability by focusing on life steal, hp and armor
* Make sure that most of the stats are permanent, not depending on procs, buffs or skills, so you can have a constant powerful point’n click character, using only toggled abilities (bloodthirster being the only exception)
* Very equipment demanding: you can always use epics, but this build shines with double rare greens


* +6000 dps +2000 hp +500 oa +200 armor
* All attribute points into physique
* Dual wield with Marauder's or Plunderer’s Talisman
* Life steal is permanent 20% main hand 12% off hand (goes to 50% and 42% with bloodthirster)
* Improved critical dmg with Elemental Balance and Devotion (+43%)
* New debuff with Viper constellation (-25% elemental resistances)
* Improved attack speed (172%)
* Wears the heaviest armors



With bonuses


Crossroads (2 points +10% hp)
Rhowan’s Crown (2 points)
Revenant (1 point)


Guns: Officer's/Tyrant's of Voracity/Fury
Guns materias: Haunted Steel and Hell's Bane Ammo
Helm: Glory of the Silver Knight
Shoulders/legs/boots: Resonant of Destruction/Psyche/Vitality
Boots: Desecrator Treads or Spellsage Boots
Chest: of Arcane Lore
Hands: of Alacrity
Waist: Chains of Anguish
Amulet/rings: Royal Exuberance set
Medal: free
Relic: Plunderer’s Talisman

The Mad Sorcerer (B27)

Skorpius the Sorcerer lost his mind (and his spellbook at the same time)
They say he became completely paranoiac, concentrated all his powers into an old pair of guns, and started shooting at pretty much everything


Hi everybody, I am posting my build to share ideas with anyone who likes the dual wield pistols playstyle (see Manic Wolf, GruesDoItInTheDark, Xeilua, Ceno, etc).
I wanted to build the perfect dual wield pistols character, and tried couple of Commandos builds. The problem is they focus mostly on one type of dmg, physical.
So I started a Sorcerer, built it kinda like a Commando, and realized it was much more powerful than all my previous characters, thanks to the mix of dmgs.
I later focused on life steal, and turned it into a Bloodthirster Sorcerer.


* High dps, oa, hp and armor for a ranged Sorcerer

* 11 different types of dmgs (+8 with Fire Strike +2 with Overload +1 with Bloodthirster)

* High life steal on both weapons with high attack speed = permanent healing

* Lightning fast clearing

* Uses Bloodthirster and Mirror of Ereoctes to face tank bosses

* Tanky, doesn't need Maiven's Sphere


* Point and click character, almost no spells !


Without bonuses

With bonuses

Ideal target build (lvl 60)

I recommend you max the skills in this order:
Explosive strike
Canister bomb (half is enough)
Static strike
Fire Strike
Iskandra's Elemental Exchange
Mirror of Ereoctes (1 point)
Inner Focus

At higher lvls, when you feel that Canister Bomb dmg become insignificant, reduce it to 1 point only, and max Concussive Bomb.
At max lvl, if you have enough dmg and life steal, Canister/Concussive Bomb can actually become useless and slow you down, so you can remove them and reinvest the points into Flame Touched and Temper for higher dmg and armor.


Guns: Officer's of Voracity are probably the best option
Guns materias: Haunted Steel for Bloodthirster and Hell's Bane Ammo for Lightning Aura
Helm: Glory of the Silver Knight, best item for hp boost
Legs/shoulders: Resonant of Destruction are the optimal items
Chest: Gunslinger's Jacket
Hands: of Alacrity, a must
Boots: Desecrator Treads, perfect mix of offense/defense, with movement speed bonus
Waist: Chains of Anguish
Amulet/rings: Royal Exuberance set, for +skills
Medal: free choice (I have a Cutthroat's of Attack)
Relic: Conflagration, for +skills


Use the +skills bonuses of Conflagration, Royal Exuberance set and Chains of Oleron to max the whole Fire Strike line.

The key of this build is to put all attribute points into physique, so you can compensate the Sorcerer's low HP and wear heavy armor. Don't worry about cunning and spirit, they're easy to boost with skills and items. The other point is to focus on life steal. I consider life steal to be the best defense strategy in the game, especially with dual wield (just my opinion). Here's how it works with this build:

Life steal (21% to 51%):
+9% from Chains of Anguish
+8% from Haunted Steel
+4% from Howdah of Voracity
+30% from Haunted Steel for 8 sec (Bloodthirster)

Anytime you need to refill hp, activate Bloodthirster. Just 2-3 hits and your hp is full again. It's very useful against bosses, pack of heroes, and you can use it quite often, it's 30 sec cooldown. In this build, we use Chains of Anguish for its life steal. The dmg and resistances penalties are irrelevant, but if you can't stand the movement speed penalty, make sure you get a Dread Lord's waist and medal, to maintain high life steal. It's also important to maintain a high attack speed (150%+), because that's what dual wield is all about, and what makes the life steal so efficient. This is how I do it so far:

Attack speed (157%):
+27% from two Assault Howdah of Voracity
+17% from Handguards of Alacrity with Consecrated Wrappings
+5% from Chains of Anguish
+4% from Gunslinger's Jacket
+4% from Cutthroat's Star


(Steps of Torment - Veteran)


The Eternal

Chamber of Souls

Alkamos in 6 sec

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My commandos still hold up, but after the changes to IEE, I can see a huge benefit from making a spirit based FS build.

I would never have done it with old IEE (it was just too damn weak). I may look into it.
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Same here, I moved to Sorcerer after B27.

I updated my character and managed to add Haunted Steel with Bloodthirster, without losing DPS. Now it feels invincible...
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Originally Posted by Skorpius View Post
Add one point in Trojan's Sky Shards and Frozen Core, so you can freeze your enemies from a distance.
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Grouped with a Sorcerer the other day that just obliterated everything in SOT. None of my characters are near as powerful as that dude. I must be doing something wrong. My highest DPS is my Elementalist with 3300 DPS and top notch gear all gemed out. Then my Blademaster at 2400 DPS, and now my new Witch Hunter with 1400 DPS unless I use to the troll rage relic. All three of my characters very squishy too.
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A lot of characters are not about dps, especially for spells, and most people will overuse the crafting system to find powerful items, I do too. You probably only rely on farming and shops to find your "top nocht" gear, that's why. Nothing wrong with that, quite the opposite
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I postponed chosing a second mastery on my Demo for ages, but decided on Soldier a few days ago. Now it indeed seems Arcanist might have been a far better choice .

Ah well, another reason to make yet another character ...
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Love this build
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Thanks for posting this build, tried it out and worked my way to lvl 50. Still working on crafting some of the gear though. This build just melts mobs!
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what augments do you use?
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