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Default Alpha status update

Last update I talked about animation troubles we had to overcome recently and how that had slowed things down a lot. We were able to hire a full-time animator in February who you've since met: Tumbledown, and he's hard at work. Unfortunately, there is no way to make the animations come out faster; well, except perhaps making them crappier but I don't think anyone wants that. Tumbledown has been working long hours skinning armor, fixing mini-bosses and animating the big boss but he was only hired 3 short weeks ago, so there is only so much that can be accomplished in that time. The boss also takes almost twice as long as a normal boss because... well, you'll find out in time.

Alpha is on the horizon though and we're churning through the last things that need to be done before the long awaited release. Once the boss is animated, we'll get him combat ready, test to make sure there are no major game-destroying bugs and package a build up for distribution.

I've personally been working to finish off the last touches on the 3 class masteries that will be available in alpha: Soldier, Demolitionist and Occultist, along with a slew of other random things. I've also been exploring some other payment and distribution options that you all have been requesting and should have some news on that later this month.

Will alpha be out in March? I think there is still a good chance if we don't hit any snags or have to redo any animation work but, ultimately, it will be out when it is ready. It's getting down to a matter of weeks but whether that's 3 weeks or 6 weeks, or more, I can't be certain. The only way I could try to give you a reliable date would be if we were to set a release date that was well after the point at which we estimated alpha would be ready, which is how big commercial releases work, but we want to get the alpha to you as soon as it is ready. So, please be patient. It has been a long time in the making and alpha is getting ever closer. We're working as hard as we can to deliver it and would appreciate it tremendously if you can just hold in there a little longer.

To help pass the time, Zantai will be posting his usual update later this evening with some tantalizing affixes, equipment shots and a first look at the boss in development!1!!

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Thanks for the update! As far as I'm concerned, I have enough patience to wait longer. I just want the game to be as awesome as it can be. Looking forward to Zantai's update as well.
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It always takes some time to get into the work so no hate for Tumbledown, I am sure he is doing an amazing job. Just take your time and make sure everything works, even if some things are not perfect it is still the "Alpha" so you won't too much hate for some smallish stuff.
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thanks for the update, can't wait for the alpha, but if it needs extra time so be it, I'm sure Tumbledown is doing his best to make GD good too, so really while I hope alpha will be really soon, but I don't want it rushed if the game isn't fully ready yet

so thanks for the update
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Thanks for the update medierra - strange as it may seem, I am now rooting as much for Crate as I am for Grim Dawn. Following the development since the Kickstarter has been one of the most interesting and enjoyable experiences I have had in over 30 years of gaming. I am really looking forward tot he alpha but can wait until it is ready and actually expect there to be lots of issues with the code that we will be able to report to Crate, thereby helping you guys to produce further awesomeness. Playing the alpha build, for me, will therefore be both a privilege and an opportunity to contribute. Take all the time you need and but please leave the testers something to do!
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"Alpha is on the horizon" i stopped reading after this, (lol jk)

no rush man, youv already proven yourself with TQ, we know GD is going to be good,

the ppl that didnt play TQ have no expectations for this game, so you can use that to your advantage (element of surprise)

i guess i can stop pressing F5 every 10 minutes now

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Good update, getting really close now Tumbledown shouldn't recieve any hate ofc he's doing great work I'm sure. Looking forward to Zantai's update, can't wait to see the new boss!
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Nice !!! But don't rush it. I know I'll be whining on the forums from time to time, but don't give in to me
Release it when YOU think it's ready for an alpha release. I'll be eagerly waiting.
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Thanks for the update! I know I can be patient. I'm glad the Occultist mastery will be available for aloha!

I often replay that video of the Occultist because it's fun to watch!

Go Tumbledown! Don't let that boss win!
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Those of us who pre-ordered 3+ years ago, like me, won't die if it's not ready by end of March. We all just want a great game.

I'll just continue to while my time away in LotRO.
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alpha, animations, distribution, payment
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