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Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
Wow, what a patch!

The modified textures and models look excellent. It surprises me what a difference it makes to my enjoyment of the game. Great job.
I'm surprised they're finding enough time to do this extra stuff

Is Sandcaster even sleeping or what?
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Some of these changing are absolutely amazing, thanks once again Crate
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Originally Posted by griffisu View Post
Legendary - Darkblaze Set: redesigned bonuses and items in this set

Anyone knows what are the changes??


I'm at work atm ^^
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Any reason, why Bleed damage on Mythical Bloodsong is nerfed by ~53 %?

Ah, okay. Mythical Guillotine even got nerfed by 58 %.

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Originally Posted by jenoc View Post
This is correct. But another problem arises when we consider the 5th, 6th, etc totem.

Assuming 3.1 cooldown on storm totem
T1 at second 0 (0 + 12 seconds = totem expires)
T2 at second 3.1 (3.1 + 12 seconds = totem expires at 15.1 seconds)
T3 at second 6.2
T4 at second 9.3
---2.7 seconds of all totems alive---
T5 at second 12.4 (T1 expires at second 12)
T6 at second 15.5 (T2 expires at second 15.1)

If I spam totem as soon as it comes off of cool down I get 2.7 seconds with 4 totems up. After that there is a .4 second gap where I cannot have all 4 totems up. It actually feels closer to a full second in game. I'd encourage anyone to go try it out.

While it's only .4 seconds the item is still budgeted around giving me a 4th totem in lieu of other stats. If I can't maintain 4 totems at all times then I'd rather have 3 stronger totems.
Storm Totem now have a base cd of 3.5 with that modifier so if you have a 3.1 sec cd that means you only have around 13% cdr (a below average roll on the off-hand and nothing else) which is very low.

With possible cdr on weapon, helm and amulet slots you can easily reach more than 30% (without even using Star Pact).

That's a cd of 2.5 sec or lower.
Of course it's still a significant (yet somewhat warranted) nerf over the <1.5 sec cd it had before, but far from causing the problem you described.

You just need to stack (much) more cdr.

Edit: Conduit of Wild Whispers is increasing totem duration while decreasing it's cooldown by half a second more now, further augmenting this already nonexistent problem.
Altough it's at the same slot as Mythical Celestial Stone making it an actual matter of choice to use, but still.
Originally Posted by Aetherial View Post
Gallop, you plan to add, podzemele bagels?

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The changes to controller will take a lot of getting use to

Mostly that Left and Right Stick are kind of switched now. Exiting menus now always requires and additional action, before you could simple move to close them. Picking up items mid combat is not possible anymore...

edit: same for tombstones, how is that intended?

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Originally Posted by Chthon View Post
I'm surprised they're finding enough time to do this extra stuff

Is Sandcaster even sleeping or what?
Yeah, it's not something I would expect at this stage in development. It's clearly a lot of work, but the results are well worth it (at least from my perspective).
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Keep up the great work Crate! Thanks for the patch this weekend.
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Originally Posted by Alone heart View Post
Thank for the patch , a lot of speed improvement with devotion and other good thing but always not this enhanced movement cap :/ for "CAMPAIGN" , i want to point it ^^

Why you always destroy community translation now with every patch?? That a lot of work from people doing this ! People on all over the planet play your game you know ?

Edit: Please make a visual update for some other skill like curse from occultism mastery .
Edit2 : Would you mind to add exclusive skill for dual mastery to honore our class's combination choice in the future ?
We didn't break anything. Translations are now Required to be up to date with the game, otherwise they are disabled.

This is done to for you to prevent major issues, such as quest progress being wiped, which was something that happened in the past to players using outdated translations.

Originally Posted by Letharg View Post
Alright while the armor values for light armor and the materials needed for the new components really needed some change the only other good thing I can see in this patch is that you messed up to fix the offensive devotion bound to auras bug....

seriously I dont get why you see a need to nerf builds just because they are working fine. There is no such thing as competition between players here, is there really a need to break everything that does well instead of reworking some of the useless items so that a bigger number of different other builds becomes viable.
It just feels really frustrating to spend a few hundreds of hours farming just for a patch to make your character useless.

mhm I dont know what I was expecting from the patch but im kinda disappointed.
Which build was working fine that got nerfed?

Originally Posted by Strannik View Post
Dear developers,

Celestial smiths still are not able to craft regular items except random legendaries, see details in this and that threads.

Do you have any plans to fix the bug in upcoming patch

Best regards,
Working as intended.
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Thanks for the added movement speed to some components and devotions - it's a huge help with class combos that struggle to run around. Much appreciated!
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