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For HC I'd go all out defense. The damage output of enemies is insane on ultimate. Trash mobs are ok but without boatloads of armor high DA ect ect all the good stuff the nemesis will kill you.

Aleksander for instance sometimes his meteor does no damage other times it has one shot me from full 18k HP and overcapped Aerther resistance on a character decked out in mythical legendaries. Mad queen also has her machinegun shotgun ability where it will melt you instantly. You need to either have enough DPS to burst her down in seconds or kite or be willing to risk it (not HC).

If I were to personally try hardcore I'd go with a tactician and heavy investment in the blue devotions shield ect. Even then your not 100% safe. Probably Grava Thul can still kill you in fractions of a second if you eat his annhialation bolt which turns off all your buffs.
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