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Originally Posted by Fanboii2 View Post
I have looked some time after games that resemple Diablo 2 and 3.
I have in my search for a new RPG game found Titan quest and this Grim Dawn, which looks like RPG games that I would like to play.
would like to play, as in 'have not yet played' ?

I'd recommend giving either one a try, both are among my favorite ARPGs. GD has a darker setting while TQ is more ancient Greece / Egypt setting. GD also has some quality improvements, so unless you want the TQ setting, I'd recommend GD.

I have tried other semi like RPG games like "Baldurs Gate"
semi RPG, really ? That is about as RPG as you can get, it however is not an ARPG, sounds like you are looking for an ARPG.

Can you recommend any nostalgic RPG games for a RPG gamer that is looking for the Thrill like old times?
are you looking for a thrill like old times or for an old game, because Baldur's Gate definitely is the latter.

I'd say give GD a try, since it sounds like you have not done so yet
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