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Originally Posted by Nekromaniak View Post
Same here, i quit D3 season 7 and bought GD. Now season 8 is dead to me too when GD is still awesome. Ofc GD need a lot of improvement, but still has better gameplay. So canīt wait for the new misadventure.
I left way before season 7 (3 or 4 can't remember) anyway i think comparing the 2 titles is almost impossible.

D3 is very action oriented with almost zero freedom of building and "bis for everyone" itemization,what kept me playing -i owned it since the abysmal release- was the fact that i found the "action" part actually well made :d3 to me is a mix of arcade+ arpg.

GD is more a traditional arpg with lot of freedom in building and gearing.

D3 is gone for me but i expect GD to gimme more and more hours of fun (1100 and still counting).
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