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Originally Posted by fearedbliss View Post
The old Diablo I/Diablo II model doesn't work for this game since Diablo I and Diablo II were games were each act was extremely small and the whole game could basically be completed in 2-3 hours if you really played smart.
really ? I guess I never played smart then (but then I played them not that much).

Otoh people say you can get to the end of GD (or was that level 100 ?) in 8-10 hours and I never tried that either
From that perspective 3 difficulties do not seem to be all that bad in GD just yet.

At the very least you can skip about half the game if you want to rush through
- act 1 in epic and legendary
- large parts of act 3/4 anywhere
- AoM anywhere
- FG anywhere (I assume)

I would not mind unlocking legendary and epic at the same time however. Then you can skip more if you feel like it.
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