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Not sure if this is caused by the mod, but I've encountered a really irritating bug several times. It happens when you enter any boss area with "gates". For example, the Womb in the Fleshworks where you have to fight against Krieg. When you kill the area's boss the game doesn't seem to aknowledge that and doesn't open its "gates" which can not be opened by the player once he enters the area. And this forces you to either restart the session or escape via rift (which isn't possible in Skeleton Key dungeons - yes, this bug also occured in Feral Thicket so I had to restart the game and go through the whole zone again).
Also, killing Krieg in the Fleshworks should allow you to burn the Womb. Howerer, the detonation site does not show up and Krieg also doesn't drop his note when killed.

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