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Default Pets, which heal players and allies

The occultist's summoned raven familiar has been set up with a healing spell that it is set to cast on allies whenever they are below 75% health. It generally feels pretty cool to have a pet that is healing you and have some reliance on it. It is especially awesome when you're getting hammered by enemies and your pet is there chain healing you, keeping you alive. [1] It also feels very rewarding when you think you're screwed and then suddenly your pet rescues you. [2]

The threshold has been set to 75% because it can take time for the AI to receive a status update indicating that one of its allies health is below healing level and then a little more time to cast the spell. At the longer end of the response-time spectrum, it may only be a second or two but for a class that doesn't have a lot of health to begin with, that can be life or death.

If the raven were previously healing the hellhound pet or another player ally in multiplayer, it could take a few seconds for it to finish the first heal and then turn and heal its master.

This early healing also helps in situations where the player is losing health faster than the raven can replenish it. In that case, starting early may allow the player to survive an extra couple seconds. [3]

Pet healing goes against medierra's personal design rule of avoiding mechanics where the game can cause players to fail or where it may not be clear that failure was the fault of the player. This can lead to players feeling cheated and becoming angry with the game. [2]

But the poll is so overwhelmingly in favor of keeping it so far that this may be a case where the coolness factor outweighs the potential negative. [4] The developers leave it in for the alpha, see how people react, and then they can always turn it into player skill and make the raven responsible for one of the curses or buffs that is currently under player control. [5]
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