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Originally Posted by Chthon View Post
I am very much in favor of a Wendigo Faction but I have my doubts
The Castle symbol doesn't have the Wendigo vibe to me
Agree about the icon not having any Wendigo vibe. But when you go to the past dev's streams, Zantai is running through his magical room that has all the game items on the floor, including expansion items and relics. Of course there are also faction items, the new names were "Coven", "Malmouth" and "Wendigo", both normal and elite versions, so it's almost a confirmation.
Playing the guessing game here, but maybe it will be a lone hermit-shaman faction, living in castle ruins that you can befriend or kill him/her and take the treasure he/her has gathered? Just like in Anasteria's case, there will be pro's and con's of doing one or the other.
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