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Default Grim Misadventure #138: Moving Right Along

Welcome back to Grim Misadventures!

You might have heard, but Grim Dawn had a small thing last week. Just, you know, another huge patch. No big deal! If you havenít hunted down that kraken, what are you waiting for?!

But youíre probably here because of that other thing weíre working onÖthe Forgotten Gods expansion!

Todayís development update brings to light something pretty moving. Weíre not sure whether to call it a Quality of Life improvement or just plain Really Awesome Stuff.

What Iím referring to is our new Rune Augments!

Rune Augments? So, what makes them so special compared to the powders youíve been slapping on all your gear? Well, for starters, this new series of Augments is applied exclusively to Medals.

However, unlike standard Faction Augments currently in the game, Rune Augments grant you active abilities. Abilities of a certainÖmobile nature.

Allow us to demonstrate:

Rift Tear

For those of you a little more familiar with Grim Dawn's engine, this is a pretty big deal; but yes, Forgotten Gods is introducing a legitimate Teleport skill that respects dynamic barriers, dynamite barricades and the pathing system. Thatís not all though! Here at Crate Entertainment, we always do MOAR.

Letís Get Moving
Here is the rundown of the six movement skill archetypes you will be able to choose from:

Charge, the bread and butter of mobility, allows you to quickly close the distance between yourself and a target, dealing damage on a relatively short cooldown. A core ability in the Soldier mastery now available to all classes, but then why not charge Twice!

Vanish, a staple of the Nightblade mastery, hides you from your enemies before reappearing next to a target to strike them on a relatively short cooldown.

Rift Tear teleports you instantly to a nearby target location. You saw an example of this ability in action above!

Disengage allows you to blind nearby foes and then jump to safety behind you.

Leap hurls you across the battlefield to smash the ground at your target destination, damaging and briefly stunning nearby foes. Itís more fun with moving pictures:

Rush charges to a destination, but not before you smash every enemy along the way. For those feeling pushy. Letís see it in action:

Acquiring Runes of Power
The next question you may be asking is, just how exactly will you be acquiring all these sweet abilities?

Turns out, thatís a multilayered answer. With this addition, any existing mobility skills on Items or Components will find a new home on the new Rune Augments and the items in question will receive new skills. The Runes themselves will also feature several versions. The most common of these will be available for purchase from the three new friendly factions we are introducing in Forgotten Gods. As soon as you pledge your Oath to one of the Witch God cults, you will gain access to two of the six listed above!

Perhaps you seek greater power still. Legends speak of Epic quality Runes created by blacksmiths. Blueprints for these formidable Augments drop from some of Cairnís most powerful foes. These Runes are not only more effective, whereas that means shorter cooldowns or longer travel distance, but may also introduce new effects such as different damage types or debuffs.

But wait, thereís more! Ultimate power awaits those brave enough to tackle the Forgotten Gods shattering new game mode. Survive its treacherous challenges and be rewarded with Legendary blueprints for the most powerful Runes in the game.

Just what does earning these mighty runes entail? I suppose that is a story for another time.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 05/28/2018 for the next Grim Misadventure.
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