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It really depends on how quickly I can get skills done a be happy with them. I'm hoping for 5 classes but I may have to scale back if things aren't coming together. Creating masteries is one of the most time consuming processes on the design side of things and it can be difficult to predict exactly how long it will take. Some of the masteries in TQ evolved several times before I finally settled on something. Since we're essentially stuck with whatever masteries the game releases with (can add more but not remove existing ones) I want to make sure we're really happy with what we're putting out.

Thus far I've been working on a soldier class, the demolition theme mentioned above, a sort of illusionist / assassin, and what I'm currently calling the "aetherialist".

If I get to a 5th class, I've got some ideas that I've been working on. There are just many options its hard to choose. The obvious choice would be some sort of range-focused character like a gunman or something. However, demolition will have some range based skills that may be good enough to satisfy that category until we put out an expansion. After creating the initial masteries and outfitting enemies with skills, I'll probably the beginnings of another couple other masteries by the time we release. So, I'm thinking it wouldn't be very long before we could release some expansion classes.

Other themes I'm considering are "vampirism". Although, in this case they wouldn't be a traditional neck-biting vampire of folklore but rather a person who was altered as a result of exposure to aetherial energy and has the ability to sense and control the life-force of other beings. We may have more traditional vampires in the game though as an enemy race, so this could be confusing.

I'd also like to create a summoner / demonologist type class... and really the list goes on and on... only time will tell...