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Default Grim Dawn Random Unique Bosses

Current count of Unique Bosses mentioned in this thread: 125

Note: Please check to see if the Unique Boss is already in the list before adding a picture. If you want to add a better picture of the Unique Boss or want to contribute to what kind of abilities the Unique Boss uses then that is quite fine. Also usually what I do is use paint to re-size the picture and try to get the unique boss and it's name relatively close together. This way we won't have massive pictures taking up a lot of space -- just a suggestion.

Updates: After catching up to the initial heroes I'll go back and link to Grimcalc if they are supported or not.

Info is current to post: 179

Unique Boss to be added: Paldrak, the Warmonger

Thank you Bandi for taking the time to help with this list. If anyone sees any bosses not mentioned in this list feel free to add them.

The list is comprised of the Name ~ Ability ~ and Type of monster (type isn't finished). If the Ability isn't listed or is unclear I'll give a slight description with a asterisk on both sides. Also note that some of these are unfinished or I'm not sure on what kind of exact enemy they are or what their ability is so I'll be updating these. Some of the descriptions may be wrong as well so don't worry about it.

Note: All unique bosses are linked to the post which includes it's picture. If you wish me to change the link to just include the picture or include it at the end of each Unique Boss' line please mention this in the thread or message me.

Abner, the Forsaken One ~ Poison Cloud, Plague Touch, Overflowing Rage ~ Aether Corruption/Wretcher
Aethoran, the Plaguebearer ~ Diseased Cloud, Gas Cloud, Arcane Blast, Fire Aura, Summon Zombie/Fire Zombie ~ Aether Corruption/Reanimator
Aldanar, the Undying ~ Bleeding damage wave plus AoE projectile attacks ~ Aether Corruption/Mutant Butcher
Alrick Magefire ~ Firebased Attacks ~ Aether Corruption/Burning Dead
Arbagol, the Shank ~ Shanks you to death using Shadow Strike/Ring of Steel~ Beast/Groble Champion
Argonax, the Spirit Eater ~ ___ ~ Riftspawn/Raptor Tempest Lord
Ashe "The Wall" Farrell ~ Soldier abilities ~ Human/Brute
Avarix ~ Electrified ~ Insectoid/Devouring Swarm
Azgalogg, the Corrupter ~ Defender Aura ~ Aether Corruption/Reanimator

Balarr, the Rockeater ~ Warcry/Rock Projectile ~ Beast/Mistborn Warrior
Baldim, the Chaosbringer ~ ___ ~ Riftspawn/Raptor Hunter
Balrazar, Eternal Servant of Dreeg ~ Occultist abilities ~ Aether Corruption/Skeleton Warlock
Bane'Zal, the Hellborn ~ Summon Hellhound ~ Aether Corruption/Overmind
Beholdan ~ Reflective ~ Aether Corruption/Overseer
Bilewart ~ Swift ~ Riftspawn/Bone Rat
Blackthorn ~ Reflective ~ Riftspawn/Thorned Horror
Blazewing ~ Fire Aura ~ Beastkin/Harpy
Blightfeast ~ Charger ~ Aetherial Corruption/Fleshwarped Mutant
Bloodclaw ~ ___ ~ Beast/Scavenger Alpha
Bloody Jack ~ Dual Wield Abilities ~ Human/Murderer
Bolvaris, the Glacierborn ~ Ice Nova/Swift/Charge ~ Aether Corruption/Mutant Butcher
Bonesnarl ~ Unstoppable ~ Riftspawn/Raptor Tempest Lord
"Boomer" Slocum ~ Fragmenting Blackwater Cocktails ~ Human
Bralgarr, the Flame Watcher ~ Burning ~ Undead/Skeletal Monstrosity

Caraprax ~ Defender Aura ~ Wasp/Riftspawn
Charn'Daroth ~ *Meteor Storm* ~ Eldritch/Harbinger
Charrus ~ Canister Bomb ~ Riftspawn/Rifthound
Chillheart ~ Frozen Aura / Ice Attacks ~ Undead/Ice Revenant
Corpsefire ~ Reflective ~ Aether Corruption/Reanimator
Crimson Bane ~ ___ ~ Aether Corruption/Mutant Thrasher
Crimsontail ~ Supporter/Heal Aura ~ Beast/Scavenger

Darlax, Devourer of Dreams ~ Lightning Bolt/Sleep ~ Aether Corruption/Overmind
Delnar Black Eye ~ BWC / Flashbang ~ Human/Skirmisher
Deshigu Chillbane ~ Ice Based Attacks ~ Beast/Groble Witchdoctor
Dravko "The Torch" ~ Fire Aura / BWC ~ Human/Brute
Dred One-Eye ~ Thermite Mine ~ Human

Eidonax ~ Swift/*Burst of Speed* ~ Riftspawn/Slith Deepmire Vanguard
Eldon "Snakeskin" ~ Regenerator ~ Pyromancer/Human
Elloras, the Sun-Eater ~ Burning ~ Beastkin/Mireborn Warrior
Elnar'Daroth ~ Lightning Bolt Nova ~ Eldritch/Harbinger
Ernol Carrioneater ~ Diseased/Poison Cloud ~ Beast/Scavenger
Everett, the Bloodbound ~ Burning ~ Human/Cutist Priest

Faldonir Aetherborn ~ AoE Sigils/Aether Bombs ~ Aether Corruption/Flesh Hulk
Farnlan, the Vile ~ Unstoppable Aura ~ Slithspawn/Champion
Festerlis ~ Bruiser/Overgrowth ~ Aether Corruption/Flesh Hulk
Fos'Daroth ~ Ice Bomb ~ Eldritch/Harbinger
Furz Venomdrinker ~ Supporter/Aura ~ Riftspawn/Rifthound

Garminix ~ Regenerator ~ Aether Corruption/Overseer
Gastris, the Foul ~ Poison Cloud ~ Aether Corruption/Planes Walker
Gethrand, the Betrayed ~ Fire Aura ~ Aether Corruption/Reanimator
Gilisten, the Reborn ~ *Meteor Storm* ~ Aether Corruption/Reanimator
Gollorg, the Undiminished ~ Unstoppable ~ Aether Corruption/Reanimator
Gulgoth, the Rampaging ~ Poison Aura, Charge, Warcry ~ Beastkin/Troll
Gurgith'Siin ~ Burning/Fire Wave ~ Riftspawn/Void Abomination
Gutripper ~ Unstoppable Aura ~ Aether Corruption/Walking Dead

Haldras Flamespitter ~ Fire Aura/Fire Projectile ~ Eldritch/Shambler
Harprax, the Queen's Will ~ Supporter ~ Riftspawn/Wasp Stinger
Harrowbeak ~ Unstoppable Aura, Devour, Vomit ~ Beast/Arkovian Plaguebeak
Hellmane ~ Burning/Fire Attacks ~ Beast/Iron Horn (?)
Hellwraith ~ Burning/Fire Attacks ~ Undead Flame Revenant
Herna, the Dread Widow ~ Poison Cloud Aura ~ Beast/Monstrous Spider Queen
Hiln'Raz, the Harbinger ~ Cold Aura / Ice Nova ~ Riftspawn/Void Abomination
Holdrexna, The Windwalker ~ Windburst, Windborne, Talonswipe, Screech, Frenzy Aura, Swift ~ Harpy Death Wind
Hudson Fury ~ Soldier Abilities ~ Human/Brute

Idran, the Anomaly ~ Regenerator ~ Riftspawn/Raptor Hunter
Igrixx, the Frozen ~ Ice Wave/Bomb ~ Riftspawn/Slith Deepmire Vanguard
Innugaru, Horror of the Void ~ ____ ~ Riftspawn/Void Abomination
Issk, the Hivemind ~ Poison Aura ~ Insectoid/Devouring Swarm
Illumin ~ Electrified ~ Aether Corruption/Overseer

Jaron, Lord of the Storm ~ *Lightning Strike, Lightning Aura, Lightning Bolts* ~ Riftspawn/Slith Deepmire Vanguard
Jornax, the Voracious ~ Swift ~ Riftspawn/Giant Mosquito
Julius Crowley, the Mindbender ~ Chaos Wave/Disrupt Skills ~ Human/Bloodsworn

Korplax, the Overgrown ~ ___ ~ Riftspawn/Thorned Horror

Lady Rosenthal ~ Regeneration Aura ~ Undead Noble
Lady Valavan, the Wandering Soul ~ Shadow Strike / Dual Wield attacks ~ Undead/Noble
Larna, the Fateweaver ~ Shielded ~ Beast/Monstrous Spider Queen
Leander Green "Blackwater" Greene ~ Mortar/Flashbang ~ Human/Skirmisher
Lord Alistar Hernsworth ~ Reflective ~ Undead/Skeleton Knight
Lord Blacktail ~ Reflective ~ Undead/Noble Champion
Lord Harris, the Damned ~ Forcewave, Shield ~ Undead/Skeleton Knight
Lorkhan, Lord of the Deep ~ ___ ~ Riftspawn/Slith Deepmire Vanguard

"Madman" Wilcox ~ Ring of Steel/Shadow Strike(?) ~ Human/Murderer
Maeldictus ~ Poison Shot Nova ~ Riftspawn/Bone Rat
Maga'Lugal ~ Defender Aura ~ Eldritch/Harbinger
Malexna, the Stormweaver ~ Summons Harpies ~ Beastkin/Harpy
Malnotris ~ Unstoppable ~ Aether Corruption/Flesh Hulk
Meric Aether-Touched ~ Charger/Soldier Abilities ~ Human/Ascended Brute
Mesmer ~ Illusion ~ Aether Corruption/Overseer
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Nadra, the Shadow ~ Dual Wielding / Blade Spirit ~ Human/Murderer
Nii'Thel ~ Bruiser ~ Riftspawn/Void Abomination
Nirlamnack ~ Reflective ~ Beast/Groble Witch Doctor

Oldelon, the Molten ~ Fire Aura ~ Beast/Monstrous Leaping Spider
Omnol, the Blight ~ Diseased ~ Insectoid/Mosquito Swarm
Ordran'Daroth ~ Teleport/Poison attacks ~ Eldritch/Harbinger

Pulv'Daroth ~ ___ ~ Eldritch Harbinger


Ragesnout ~ Swift Aura ~ Ironskin Boar/Beast
Raglis, the Leaper ~ Poison Aura ~ Beast/Leaping Spider
Ralture, the Untouchable ~ *Defensive Buff?* ~ Beast/Dranghoul Tyrant
Rotmane ~ Diseased Cloud, Gas Cloud, Groundslam, Charge, Gore ~ Beast/Gargantuan Stonetusk
Razorback ~ Piercing Shot Nova ~ Riftspawn/Bonerat
Rimestone ~ Frozen ~ Eldritch/Shambler
Rotbite ~ Diseased ~ Riftspawn/Bonrat
Rotthorn ~ Diseased ~ Riftspawn/Thorned Horror

Sarlap ~ Electrified ~ Riftspawn/Mosquito
Scarprax, the Frenzied ~ Lightning Nova ~ Riftspawn/Wasp Stinger
Scarsnout the Cannibal ~ Lightning/Doom Bolt ~ Beast/Scavenger
Scyliss, the Stormtouched ~ Electrified/Lightning Aura ~ Beastkin/Harpy
Sen'Thel Voidbringer ~ ___ ~ Riftspawn/Void Abomination
Serul Shadesong ~ Poison Bomb, Veil of Shadow, Hemorrage ~ Human/Murderer
Sharanatu ~ Shielded ~ Eldritch/Harbinger
Sleyvak "The Breaker" ~ Dual Wield/Blade Barrier/Shadow Strike ~ Human/Murderer
Soulrend ~ Lightning Bolt ~ Riftspawn/Raptor Tempest Lord
Stormtail Ripshank ~ *Lightning Aura/Lightning Wave* ~ Beast/Alpha Scanenger

Terrolean, the Pandemonium ~ ___ ~ Riftspawn/Thorned Horror
Teselon ~ Electrified/Nova ~ Aether Corruption/Walker
Triinix, the Weaver ~ ___ ~ Beast/Leaping Spider
Tyrronax, the Great Watcher ~ Summons Harpies ~ Beast

Uldagu Flame-Eater ~ Activated Flame Aura ~ Beast/Groble Skirmisher
Uldina, the Broodmother ~ Defender Aura ~ Beast/Monstrous Spider Queen

Vladox, the Bloodletter ~ ___ ~ Riftspawn/Mosquito
Volaxna, the Bloodgorger ~ Bloodgorge, Hemorrhaging Bite, Sap Strength ~ Beast/Arkovian Rocktalon

Whitemane, the Thunderstruck ~ Lightning Aura ~ Beast/Alpha Scavenger
Wiley, the Slasher ~ Swift Aura, Cadence, Forcewave, Will to Live, Frenzy Aura ~ Human/Murderer
Wolvin, the Inferno ~ Fire based attacks ~ Riftspawn/Beast



Zanbrandt, the Ascended ~ Lightning Nova ~ Aether Corruption/Reanimator

Names, pictures and sometimes abilities of the unique bosses found in the world of Cairn. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread and for keeping it alive

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I think you will be at it for a while.

I've probably seen over a dozen that you haven't listed here and I'm sure there's lots I haven't seen.
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Human melee Cultist who I've seen use Chaotic AOE wave attacks. Can be encountered both in the Depraved Sanctuary as well as outside where the lower leveled cultists are found.

Name:  Julius Crowley, the Mindbender.jpg
Views: 21104
Size:  184.3 KB

Reanimator who I believe summons a larger army then usual reanimators. Hallowed Hill, not sure if he has other skills. Could be they (next unique enemy) both don't have skills and just summon more and are always spawned together making a larger army and more difficult fight. Just speculating as I'll have to encounter both of them again.

Name:  Azgalogg, the Corruptor.jpg
Views: 22027
Size:  325.2 KB

Depraved Sanctuary, uses a long / narrow wave attack that I assume deals either chaos or fire damage (as his name implies fire).

Name:  Gurgoth'Siin ~ Burning.jpg
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Well... I did find a suspected unique boss:

Rook! I swear, this seemingly bland nobody of a gate guard is going to turn on us and open the gates for the Cthonics at the end of the story, forcing us to flee and find the next survivor town, opening GD up to expansion content!

Ok, maybe that's just my (sadistic) dream ending theory, but still... got to stay vigilant.
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Shoot that mongrel for closing the gate to the stash every time you start a game!!
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I think that first large mutant is just a regular Flesh Hulk enemy; not a unique boss enemy, just a really tough one. I've only encountered them on the Hallowed Hill. And I don't recall any special abilities aside from being really big.
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I'll have to check to make sure, but thanks for the info.
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Thanks for the picture.

I'll edit my first post.
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