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Default Grim Dawn Bestiary Update #2

Hey Grim Dawnians. . .not sure if that's a term, but I'm using it!

Anyway, the time has come for me to unveil a new mob from the bestiary factory - the Thorned Horror! This guy is big, makes for bad kindling and is easily irritated. I hope you enjoy!

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Awesome looking mob, well more like creepy looking mob. lol

Thanks for the update, Allminoxy.
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Looks awesome!
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Can't wait to take that monster on!
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Really cool! I love the eyes!!
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looks awesome! I hope it creaks like wood when it moves
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Jaw, meet floor. Floor, meet jaw.
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If I did happen to accidently set it on fire. I take it this thing would chase me down and hiss "Burn with me!"

Were it capable of actual speach. More likely it would shriek and rip me limb from limb.
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if every mob looked as good as these devil looking creatures i wont tell you but i think with this much detail i could add this to my backdrop just so i could study all the little stokes, but really GREAT WORK.

I cant wait to get my hands on trying to kill these buggers :P
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This is looking properly horrid, loving the 4 eyes, the ugly beak and the wooden-like skin. Is this already translated to the in-game model with the polygons and textures and all? As it looks amazingly detailed.
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