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Sure ! I guess D2 devs wanted to prevent exploits in the ladder (and haven't enough imagination for finding a more elegant way than putting a hard limit cap).
But there's no ladder in TQ and GD, they're not competitive games. So if I want to build a 100% dodge character, does this bother anyone? I mean, nobody is forced to do the same. If you think it's not fun or cheating (and I totally respect that), you can limit yourself with more classical builds, I won't blame you.

(But in TQ, believe me, the long tortuous way for building a 100% dodge character from scratch was a real challenge, and when you finally reach your goal it was like a big satisfactory achievement.)

So really, I don't think putting max caps is a good idea. It limits the number of viable builds with the most frustrating way.

Originally Posted by Medierra
Having more different types of items to collect allows designers to better restrict where certain types of powerful bonuses can come from and in what quantity the player can accumulate them. This balancing scheme was not properly utilized in all cases though and it lead to problems like players being able to accumulate 100% cooldown reduction [in TQ] because that bonus appeared on some item types it was not supposed to be allowed on.
That's a better way to prevent the exploits. It's less frustrating for the player. But again, is preventing exploits really absolutely necessary ? Wouldn't it be more intelligent to just make the exploits more difficult to perform ? If a player spend several hundred hours to collect rare equipement in order to have a 100% chance of something, shouldn't he have the right to play with his character the way he wants ?

PS : sorry for my atrocious english.
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Having caps is necessary for game balance, the amount of farming you had to do was next to nothing to achieve it. Haruspex had a maximum potential of reaching 55% dodge or so, JUST with his 2 passives. Not to mention he also has around 80% EXTRA Defensive ability. You only needed 1 or 2 items to hit +4 to all skill points (which is where the numbers above came from), and then 80% DA means with ONLY 400 DEX, the Harupsex can hit almost 800 DA. WITHOUT considering the stats of items as well.

Finding the gloves that give +3 to all skills, not very hard, just tedious. Maybe an hour or 2 of farming the gorgons, then you go to a town and just search for ONE item that gives 20% dodge. That's how I did my Haruspex, it literally didn't take me any effort at all to become invulnerable.

For any other class, maybe. But all classes should be balanced - and to do this, caps are absolutely necessary. All stats should have caps, whether there is a ladder or not, its no fun playing a game with other players who have no caps to certain stats. Having an ally who is invulnerable and just runs through the maps killing everything before you can get to him is not fun. Watching your ally spam squall or thunderbolt 5000x before you can even ENTER the room because of the lag, is not fun.
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Fortunately, you're not forced to play with someone you don't want.

Just use a tag "no exploit here" or something similar in the party you'll create, and kick the players who disrespect that (I hope there will be this option in the multiplayers in GD).
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