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Default Torchlight 2 Pre Order on Steam


good news for everybody interested in TL2.

New ingame multiplayer footage is also visible on their site.

Also TL2 is one of the Top Sellers on Steam.

Don't forget to change the view to Top Sellers.

This will help me passing the time until GD arrives. And when the time arrives I will play both!
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I pre-ordered mine Can't wait for this. TL2 will be a huge time sink this year besides Borderlands 2
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I never really got into Torchlight... think i'll wait for a demo on this one.

I know everyone says its good and all but.. i just.. i dunno, even after a few hours of gameplay, i just was not into it and i let it go

Maybe Torchlight 2 will actually draw me in!
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released in summer, not even a dratted countdown, they could have at least given a date, Im still sort off interested in this game, one wasn't bad, but did get boring after a while, I did have highe hopes for the game, but they just kept delaying it, and delaying it, then they did the Xbox360 version, and delayed TL2 even more, it should have been out last year really, I hope its not a cold turkey like D3 is, I won't pre order it yet, I will wait until there are some solid reviews before I make up my mind
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wasn't big on the intro cinematic they released recently, but overall it looks like a big improvement over the original. price point is good too, for something to tide one over for a minute.
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Voot, I preordered mine like... like one would preorder a thing really hard.

I thought the intro was fine and that it suited the game both in production scale and style.

Looking forward to checking out the new classes. I'm liking the new look they have going as well. Still very much that Torchlight look but a bit more refined.
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No real incentive to pre-order. I'll pick it up around release if I'm not knee deep in other games. Interesting that they put it up before D3 releases and while Grim Dawn's kickstarter is going.
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Preordered, no real incentive as I have TL (but I can gift the second copy), but I will buy it immediately anyway, so I might as well get a free TL out of it
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I'm still intrigued by this one, despite the numerous delays of the release. The multiplayer is of course a big plus but I think dramatic improvements need to be made in the skill system too before I can be behind this one 100%. The first one wasn't bad but it did get old rather quickly.
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Yeah, the first one was definitely plain and basic in many ways, but I think it succeeded because there hadn't been any arpg's in a long time, so it still scratched an itch and felt fresh.
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