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Cool Kickstarter video on Gametrailers.com

Hi again...sorry for boring you again...
Why devs don' t put gameplay videos...(ok...maybe kickstarter video is not allowed...) in the Gametrailers.com site...!? I never understand if devs must pay to give upload videos on that site....
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Great idea if that can actually happen. It is all about getting publicity from now until launch!
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I have no idea but i'm sure a decent amount of strings need to be pulled in order to put them on their. Rock Paper Scissors put out an article recently about how they won't be writing Kickstarter articles anymore unless the people are somewhat important (double fine, grim dawn etc)
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Ok...but the other videos (not the last...the kickstarter one) can be uploaded in their site....; there are milions of people that follow it...
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I've yet to see a kickstarter pitch on gametrailers. I'm thinking maybe GT is a little apprehensive of hosting ks pitch videos or else we'd have seen them already.
Maybe it's for reasons similar to what RPS talks about in this article, the dilemma of "promoting" one kickstarter project over another when the game doesn't even exist yet.

However I'm sure they would happily host regular videos of the game. I mean, when you have videos like this making it there, I don't see why teasers for GD wouldn't.
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Finally..they are online!!!
Good work Crate!!!
But I think you can also upload the first video (Old Grove v.2) that is awesome!!!
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