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Good job!

I looks like a Grim Dawn Christmas tree
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Oh my... /love!

So, you are telling me, the brown matter is human flesh? Oh boy...and the skulls?! YEAH! Perfect!!

As Cavar mentioned, what would be its attack style/animation, medierra, please?

Originally Posted by Cmelda13 View Post
Good job!

I looks like a Grim Dawn Christmas tree
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It looks somewhat lovecraftian! 0_0 Me likes! Very nice job. ^^
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great design! and description.

i assume we will be able to destroy them right? will they be like the dark obelisks in TQ or will they add up to the scenery?
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That thing looks awesome! I hope the in-game version can look that good.

I also like the lore tidbit, sounds like its shaping up nicely.
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Originally Posted by medierra View Post
I think he was poking fun at Aledog's post title in the form of a question as you can see the creatures name in the file name.

It is indeed an obelisk - an aetherial obelisk to be precise. It is an abomination formed out of earth and the flesh of unlucky creatures absorbed into it. At it's core is a giant crystal imbued with vast aetherial energy. The purpose of the obelisk is to transform portions of the world to be more suitable for aetherial habitation.
Didn't see this thread because of the hud thread. I love the concept, and generally how the atmosfer will be dark and gruesome..... love it.
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Originally Posted by Roros View Post
Heh it was in response to the thread title.
Lol, I thought it had something to do with my post, I was really confused..
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Badass style
Like: +1
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I also like, nice art and style
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Nice! Can't wait to see what you guys have in mind for it's animation/behavior.
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