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Default New HUD Layout!

So, at long last, I present the revised HUD layout. It is a result of significant fan feedback and our own feeling that it was really the right direction. As you can see, all elements have been moved to the bottom, creating a more unified area of focus for all the essentials and alleviating the feeling of the top elements hanging over you.

The art is just a rough pass I did to get it implemented but eventually we'll have an artist give it a going-over.

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utter bloody awesome, I like a real lot! got to admit, I like that UI more then the POE UI or D3 from the images I seen, looks cool, well done and can't wait to start using it

gets my thumbs up

(now a vid seeing the UI in action would be cool!!

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The font still doesn't do anything for me but...

The UI looks fantastic guys!
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Looks pretty damn good, I like the cracks in the Health/Energy Bars.
Also I personally think that the minimap kind of just sticks out, somewhat out of place, maybe if it was moved to be diagonally down and to the right, in the little space on the edge there? I just find that even with the character pic, it feels too big on that size setting, kind of making the bar too big/much all down the bottom, but thats just me. It still looks awsome for a first draft!

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I spy a MINIGUN!!!
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OMG, a MINIGUN. I hope that you can use it. The health bar is really big compared to titan quest, and i like it. The minimap is maybe better to be in upper right or left corner.
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It looks good.

I don't know what the 47 is for but unless it is important, it should go. I think that the hud should have a minimum of numbers and words.

I am use to the map being at the top and glancing up, but ok. It is nice to see the sky.

Is the bubble on the left a doom-style mug?

Also... I often question the need for the gui navigation buttons. For something like fate, it makes sense due to its casual nature.

Maybe a single menu button that pops up?

Or maybe place the multiplayer buttons next to the map and move some of the stuff to the left after removing some of the gui nav buttons.

Also, I think a configuration value that allows the hot bar to be locked so it does not respond to clicks or at least edits would be nice. Pressing or holding a key could allow clicks / edits on the hotbar.

The other screens, such as character, map, skills.. could have gui navigation buttons.

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I really like it apart from the map position. Mini maps just work better at the top of the screen.
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I think the 47 is the characters level.
Being able to use the minigun would be spectacular.
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A re-design suggestion:

Put the required multiplayer buttons on the left.

Remove the other gui navigation buttons except maybe map and inventory as space permits.

As there are no gui nav buttons on the right, drop the map down.

Remove the bubble on the left.

Or, keep the mp buttons on the right near the lowered map. Move the other elements, as neeeded, to the left after removing some of the nav buttons.

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