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Right, it was just confusing. I guess I like my character's appearance and weapons to actually makes sense. This magical poisoned dagger gives me a better damage score, even though it's just strapped to my belt and I'm beating on these zombies with my wicked Monk-skill fists?
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@durruti: yeah, no dice. the one-handed crossbows i found didn't seem usable by the monk. now if they were dual wield handguns, would've been a nice homage to some random john woo movie...

@lyanheart: same feeling. design-wise, it feels like a lot of compromises to what blizz sees as a wider market. certainly activision is foaming at the bit to get all the console players into the fold.

still, the weekend beta was a lot of fun for me. i went in after reading a lot of negative opinions and ended up getting more than i expected.

Originally Posted by durruti View Post
on a related note, anybody tried if the monk skills worked with a crossbow?
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I've been playing D2 lately with my friend and it's interesting playing the two games back to back. When the open beta was announced we rushed the D2 base game in a couple sittings, and after the beta closed we've been playing the expansion.

Unfortunately I feel like ranting.

I definitely feel a lot of the controversial choices they've made in D3 are for the better. ID'ing things and using potions in D2 is the biggest tedium that sticks out to me right now, and I used more concurrent skills at level ~10 (arcane orb, arcane torrent, spectral blades, frost nova) in D3 than I am at 30+ in D2 (blizzard and enchant - and they are on the same button meaning I have to switch every time) due to how the controls and skilltrees work.
I know I'm of the minority on this, but I still stand by that allocating attribute points in D2 is not fun as there's no concept of coming up with a "build" other than meeting prereqs for your gear and dumping the rest in VIT.

One aspect I definitely dislike in D3 compared to D2 is the quest stuff. We aren't "doing as we're told" in D2, but the game still lets us play it that way where we just aimlessy push forward and quests will update automatically. D3 felt like rewatching a movie every time I started a new character with the force-fed dialogue and fedex bits.
I also preferred in D2 just how the quests were represented as tiles on a board, giving you a sense of being free to do them whenever or if at all, where as in D3 you have a more traditional "quest log" list which implies that you are supposed to do it from A to Z. This is the only point in which I agree about the WoW (or mmo in general) vibes.

I believe medierra mentioned this specific bit as well, but the worst is when you approach the act boss and there's a small cutscene where he taunts you, and even if you skip it (which is awkard in the first place as there's an "are you sure?" confirmation), you have to watch the pan, the fade to black, and the fade back to your character. Then you have to fight through a small fixed section where a door locks and won't unlock until you kill a certain amount of guys which take a few seconds to go through their spawn routine.
It's not much, but it really, really starts to work it's way under your skin the 5th time you do it compared to other games where you just run up to the boss and punch him in the face.

Biggest of all though for me is the netcode. My regular rpg comrades are mostly from the US and AU, which makes melee classes fairly unplayable without any type of lag compensation. This is a huge issue in D2 (hence why I mostly play sorc and bowazon, even though barb is my fave class), but the lag wasn't noticable at all in D3 when I had 450 ping and it felt like I was playing offline.
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