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Originally Posted by AleDog View Post
@myrmidon: its mine, actually :P LoL fan art

@TECHNOmancer : thanks, happy to be here.
Hahah kinda looks like ashe?
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Indeed, it is :P
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Nice to hear Crate has been able to add someone to the team. Your concept art looks great! Hope you'll be sharing more awesome drawings in the future. And welcome to the forums...
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Hi AleDog pleasure to meet you
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Originally Posted by carnage665 View Post
Nice to hear Crate has been able to add someone to the team.
Check out AleDog's join date. And compare it to ... maybe yours?
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I like the alter with its bowl of blood. I think the Cult of Crate should have something similar for thier offerings. Maybe they'll even start paining thier faces with the blood of the sacrifices.

Ah, so many new reasons to kill... er, I mean make offerings up to our Lords and Masters.
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Originally Posted by eisprinzessin View Post
I play for grass of course!
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Hi and welcome!...I guess you are the youngest of the Crate Staff...
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Hey there AleDog lovely to meet you!

So in typical DeviantArt fashion, who would you say are your top 5 artistic influences and why?
Originally Posted by medierra View Post
After Void(null) left there was basically no point anymore...
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Hello AleDog, it is VERY nice to meet you. =)
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I hope we'll soon get an artwork section added to the media section

The style looks familiar, I wonder what other concept art you did.
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