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Originally Posted by eisprinzessin View Post
But I was not satisfied with how the levelling was paced. My experience was: complete TQ:IT on Normal at about level 40, Epic at about 55 and Legendary at about 62. Normal was inflationary, whereas Legendary was quite tedious. A better pacing would have been: complete Normal at 30, Epic at 50 and Legendary at 65.
for me it was N39 , E 54 ,L63, and i did run the games onec from the start to the end ( no farming runs) so it did feel that legenfdry was more chalanging but it was slow progress in legendary both in Exp and time .
yay I'm a speaker
( how long will it be before I will become a motherbored.... ? )

also a proud Loyalist 23.11.15 (what took me 5 years to buy this game again .....)

10.10.17 and as life tends to be in the way of playing, only now tried using the loyalist pack, at least i can say i have a (sort of) life...
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Originally Posted by eisprinzessin View Post
A better pacing would have been: complete Normal at 30, Epic at 50 and Legendary at 65.
Not sure about the numbers exactly, but I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. There was an additional issue with TQ, high level toons were basically farming for loot, not XP. Leveling means less and less the higher you go. I realize this is a tough problem, but how impossible would it be to have Epic and Legendary only skills that make you still want to just level up one more level for more than just equipping gear.

For me TQ is best in normal for leveling to acquire skills, which is great, but the gear is kinda flat when compared to Epic and beyond. But once that character development is basically over, just putting more points into the skills that are already chosen by that toon, the interest in progression seriously wanes. (at least IMO)
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I like the idea of epic and legendary skills to keep the character development fresh and interesting. As much as I like my higher level characters, I really have no desire to level them up, especially when that experience bar creeps up a millimetre at a time. If I do feel a need to level them up, I have to set a goal of aiming for a particular notch on the experience bar.

Should it really be like that?

The only way I got around it was to use xMax and run some highly populated areas. As such, I can not actually submit any characters myself; considering I have a level 64 character with 104,369 kills... He was my first toon I took past Act 2 normal and had to build him up.
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I totally understand what you guys are saying. I actually just had to purchase TQ / TQIT on Steam because I wanted to play it a bit for reference and during my last move I misplaced my original copy.

Anyway, I have to admit, I find it very difficult to play TQ now after playing GD. The pacing seems very slow, the combat dynamic is kind of tedious, and the loot early on is very flat and uninteresting as you say.

I feel like we need to hurry up and get GD done just to provide you with some relief!
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You sir are the MAN!

(although the part about having to buy your own game is sort of sad)
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Originally Posted by jiaco View Post
(although the part about having to buy your own game is sort of sad)

---------<character limit>---------
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sounds like GD will be a zillion times better

but yeah, you shouldn't have had to buy your own game, but at least there is a difference in pacing, and I also agree that TQ was fairly slow, so can't wait to get my teeth into GD
with each day passing, the excitement to play it mounts

but I do see the need to compare both games, hopefully a trip down memory lane has proven useful
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Well you know what that means medierra: You have to release a demo for the alpha asap!!!!
No seriously sounds like GD will be even more awesome than we expected. Can't wait.
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Originally Posted by DOOMER View Post
As long as it doesnt boil down to doing baal runs 100-300 times to go from hard to very hard, or perhaps normal to hard, then im happy.

I never played titan quest so i have no idea how the leveling works, but please dont make it like diablo 2. that games leveling is trash. And like i said earlier, as much as we loved that game, it really wasnt that good in the first place.
Diablo's difficulty was ramped up patch for patch for patch. Which in the end lead to that effect that you describe - there was some sort of noticable gap inbetween the different difficulties.

But in the early days (I played D2 starting day one) it wasn't like this - the switch from one difficulty to the next was very smooth and caused no problems at all.

They ramped up the difficulty to cater to the very hardcore players. Which kinda makes sense to do at a time when everyone except the most hardcore fans stopped playing D2 a long time ago.
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I went and made some mastery statistics:

Masteries by usage:
1. warfare: 26 chars (13.9%)
2. dream: 25 chars (13.4%)
3. defense: 23 chars (12.3%)
4. hunting: 22 chars (11.8%)
5. spirit: 21 chars (11.2%)
6. earth: 20 chars (10.7%)
7. rogue: 18 chars (9.6%)
8. storm: 17 chars (9.1%)
9. nature: 15 chars (8.0%)

Masteries by combined character levels:
1. warfare: 1186 levels (16.4%)
2. defense: 978 levels (13.5%)
3. dream: 921 levels (12.8%)
4. spirit: 824 levels (11.4%)
5. hunting: 817 levels (11.3%)
6. earth: 747 levels (10.3%)
7. rogue: 630 levels (8.7%)
8. storm: 594 levels (8.2%)
9. nature: 521 levels (7.2%)

Masteries by combined kills:
1. warfare: 944131 kills (22.1%)
2. defense: 609098 kills (14.3%)
3. dream: 541090 kills (12.7%)
4. hunting: 479485 kills (11.2%)
5. spirit: 433219 kills (10.1%)
6. earth: 420621 kills (9.8%)
7. rogue: 337309 kills (7.9%)
8. storm: 313616 kills (7.3%)
9. natue: 195463 kills (4.6%)

Masteries by days played total:
1. warfare: 54.3 days (14.3%)
2. spirit: 49.1 days (13.0%)
3. earth: 47.7 days (12.6%)
4. hunting: 46.4 days (12.3%)
5. defense: 45.7 days (12.1%)
6. rogue: 38.1 days (10.1%)
7. dream: 36.1 days (9.5%)
8. storm: 32.1 days (8.5%)
9. nature: 28.9 days (7.6%)

and now for the interesting stuff:

Masteries by levels per day
1. dream: 25.5 lvl/day
2. warfare: 21.8 lvl/day
3. defense: 21.4 lvl/day
4. storm: 18.5 lvl/day
5. nature: 18.0 lvl/day
6. hunting: 17.6 lvl/day
7. spirit: 16.8 lvl/day
8. rogue: 16.5 lvl/day
9. earth: 15.7 lvl/day
AVERAGE: 19.1 lvl/day

Masteries by kills per minute:
1. warfare: 12.1 kpm
2. dream: 10.2 kpm
3. defense: 9.3 kpm
4. hunting: 7.2 kpm
5. storm: 6.8 kpm
6. rogue: 6.2 kpm
7. spirit: 6.1 kpm
earth: 6.1 kpm
9. nature: 4.7 kpm
AVERAGE: 7.6 kpm

Please note that this statistics are very inaccurate, because the data-set (about 100 characters) is much too small.
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