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Pardon my language, but FUCK PayPal! Those assholes fucked over my fiancee, too. They put a hold on all of her income until she has a certain number of "positive feedback" from Ebay, even though the income isn't from Ebay. They can eat a bag of dicks.

My fiancee switched to Google Checkout. She hasn't had any problem with them.
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Default dwolla - ftw

I have had similar experiences with Paypal. We had members donating to better our product and Paypal froze the funds due to not being a charitable organization - which we never made any claim to be. Even though we used "donate via paypal" like so many other sites....anyway...

we switched to dwolla and have had a great time so far.
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i despise paypal. i think their goal is to freeze accounts and keep the money..

i really wish google would come out with a better version of paypal and put them out of business for good.
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Pardon my french, but fuck Paypal in the neck.
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In the neck? How the... ah wait, never mind, I don't even -want- to know :P

Either way, I've had problems with my PayPal account as well, until I switched to bank payments through PayPal. I never ever have a single cent on there, but PayPal can deduct my debts directly from my bank instead. That said, I only use PayPal to pay, and only directly from my bank account.
Google Checkout is a very nice alternative so far, they've got reliable service, a help-desk that indeed exists to help its customers (much unlike PreyPal) and accept the most of the same payment methods as PayPal.
This is a paradox, because it isn't.
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Ever watched Cronenberg's Crash? A bit like that.
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HOHOHO all again,

It has been some time since I last posted. Great to see the project will now get the go ahead through the Kickstarter program. I have been watching it go up and up !!

It seems some people are having issues with Pay(we're not your)Pals..

Well some of you may recall the posts I made on an experiment with prepaid cards obtainable through supermarkets and post offices. Here in Australia they are freely available and I would certainly guess in many other countries also.

The simple fact is this : THEY WORK!!

I used them for my legendary key before the Kickstarter program. So if you really WANT to help then go get one and try it.

Mind you.. I used the prepaid cards on this site , not kickstarter... so I am not sure how their system works. Needless to say.. the best cards are the type that allows you to ADD monies to it "Load and GO" type. So far I have not had anyone refuse it......


PayPal are SO pathetic when it comes to their card/type use acceptance I suggest everyone DUMPS THEIR SERVICE! They are rather BACKWARD.. dump them now!

Also... with only a few days left for the kickstarter program to conclude... The Grim Dawn site will start its offer of pre keys... so you can always wait for that again. I want to get a hard copy option but have decided to wait for the site to offer it as an option after kickstarter finishes... why give them even more money now the main goals have been reached??

Santa out....
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Never really used Paypal, tried to use it once but encountered a lot of problems, It's seems like it screw over alot of people, when i read the story about Crate Vs Paypal i saw how bad it could really become.

Could be a good opportunity for someone skilled to start a new company that deal with this kind of things.
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Didn't blizzard buy paypal? Pretty sure it was them... and if so I just wonder...
Proud to have pledged 100 bucks.
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Ebay own paypal.
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