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Originally Posted by Code187 View Post
Cant remember if it has been talked about yet, cant find it anyway if it has.
Do you remember this? Adding my previous reply for visibility, too.
Originally Posted by Code187 View Post
Items use stats, BUT PLZ dont put a lvl on it to use. if one have the right str or dex to use an item THEN let us use it, i been waiting from lvl 15 to lvl 22 to use a sword in TQ just becorse og lvl restrictions

SO NO LVL RESTRICTIONS is my one wish only stats
Originally Posted by eisprinzessin View Post
We had a very good discussion about attribute and level requirements on items in May:
Remove Stat Requirements From Gear. ... in short: The level requirement will remain in GD.
Originally Posted by medierra View Post
The level restriction is a sort of balancing fail-safe in the event that certain items don't have attribute requirements or to put a reasonable limit how far ahead in items the player can get by twinking themselves with lots of +attribute gear and min / maxing their points. I think it could be less restrictive than it is on TQ though.

[...] To that end, level requirements may play more of a limiting roll while attributes may be more important in determining how effective you are with the weapon you equip.
Originally Posted by medierra View Post
Originally Posted by eisprinzessin View Post
Can items either have stat or level requirements, but not both? You can find almost the same item multiple times, just with different level requirements (e.g.: 11, 25 or 34). So where is the point?
You can blame affixes for this. Affixes are were things start to get really messy because I at least haven't thought of a really good way to do requirements for them given that a single affix can appear on many different types of equipment over a large level range. So, setting some minimum item level seems the best solution. If an item already has an item level requirement, it just uses whichever is higher. If not, then it just applies the one from the affix. If you have a low-level affix on a high-level items, then you may end up with what seems like a ridiculously low item level requirement.
Now I've got a question to you. Which game are you referring to? When I play TQ, I hardly find items above my current toon's level. If so I would be very happy to have a new item, which is not already underpowered.
Originally Posted by Code187 View Post
The LVL and/or stats for the use of an item will it be so if you find a cool rare drop you will have to vail like 4 to 8 lvl up before you can use it ??? [...] many players like to find an item and then play more just to lvl up so you can use that item, I on the other hand love when you egt a cool drop, just pick it up and start killing with better weapon or armor piece.
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