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Default Medal of Honor

Campaign is rather short, but I have to admit the story is spectacular. And no, I don't mean in that 'for a shooter' sense. Took about twelve hours, only problems I found were a couple of scripting hang-ups at checkpoints.

I find that I have deeply enjoyed the game, and yet I am reluctant to play online. Why? Because I really don't like the snotty little brats that tend to play shooters to begin with, and I don't want them ruining the game for me. That is what happened with Modern Warfare 2. I got so sick of all the idiots and retards... No, I'm sorry, that's an insult to the people that have been genuinely short-changed in life, the correct term would be willfully stupid. In any event, I got so sick of the crap that I can't even bring myself to put MW2 in the PS3 any more.

In any event, it's certainly worth a rental, or perhaps even buying if you can deal with the children who wouldn't know a tactical assault even if someone demonstrated with a narrator
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A good storyline in a game is nice. Finding teamwork in a game is nice, too. I generally play online in TF2 at [5e] servers where at least 30% of the population know what they're doing as far as teamwork goes. Decent when we get on a team, so much so that we get accused of stacking teams. Casual teamplay even...
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It may also be surprising to know that some players prefer different play-styles.
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lol yeah, it doesn't take much to roll the little uber-L33T kiddies running around solo. I actually did fire it up multiplayer for about 15-20 minutes, but the lag was so bad I couldn't really do anything. Need to look into how they're doing the multiplayer infrastructure, cause if they're going P2P like MW2 did I might as well not bother trying again... which is a real shame since I still managed a 1.0 K/D ration with lag too ugly to really move around.
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after a month of Mw2, cheaters started cropping up then factor in the lag and migrate host bullcrap called iw.net and you have what is called a failure.

There was a few games where the connection was superb and the players were all capping flags.
Those games were rare but when you get them, the game is great.

I handed the game down to my little brother who seems to enjoyed the sporatic run and gun action.

Black ops suppose to fix all of this but this time I will wait before making the purchase.

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