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View Poll Results: First-Time Quest Difficulty Survey - Answer Honestly!
I've had no trouble completing all of the quests 144 46.30%
I initially missed some quest objectives but had no trouble finding them later 102 32.80%
I've had a little trouble finding some of the objectives 55 17.68%
I've been frustrated at missing / not being able to find objectives 10 3.22%
Voters: 311. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12-08-2013, 02:00 PM
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Default [Poll] Quest Difficulty

This piqued my curiosity, so...I decided to create a poll regarding this topic!

If you chose options 3 or 4, could you post with the option you chose and explain which quest(s) you had trouble with? Thanks!

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Old 12-08-2013, 02:24 PM
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OK, even though I picked #1 I need to explain.

It's easy now that I've played for 200 hours. But on my first few playthroughs It was't as easy.

Having said THAT, I tend to just clear maps from end to end and leave no stone unturned (pun intended). So eventually I just run into and complete the quests.

It's easier that it's not a system where one quest unlocks an area. If anything, sometimes you get a quest really early on and you really have to drive toward the end of the map to complete it so you THINK you're missing something. Like the Apprentice quest or final kill 15 monster type (forget which one that is).

I also tend to forget about the guy outside of town who needs the scrap and offers the second quest under Devil's Crossing.
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Thanks for the responses and votes, guys. Keep em' coming!
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I explore everything on each play through. 'cept for Burwitch Village where I rush through it and skill about a third of its content.

-Finding Hart is no problem since his cottage is next to the road anyway.
-The cook you can rescue is relatively close by some caves after finding that horse with a quest message which makes it easy.
-As for the merchant he's in the middle of Burwitch Outskirts and can be a pain at times due to random road blockades.
-The cult orders are in the first house near Burwitch Village riftgate which makes it easy as well.
-Finding Scrap for the water supply can be somewhat annoying since it's dependent on drops. But if you take your time and keep an eye out for junk piles you can complete this quest around level 8. And it is fun and somewhat challenging at that point since the opponents minimum scaled level will be 9+.
-Finding the random caves such as the captured guys you can rescue is off road. But I always run into it when moving forward. Inside the opponents are strong enough to make it interesting. Died once because I didn't expect that "tough" opposition inside the cave when everything else is so damn easy.
-The apprentice is always in the same basement when passing through the village's end.

All in all most quests are on route even if you don't go an explore. And they're easy to complete.
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Originally Posted by Gibly View Post
-Finding Hart is no problem since his cottage is next to the road anyway.
It ain't anymore. Bit more of an "off the beaten path" quest now according to devs, and given his "new" location I'd say this is mostly true (haven't done this quest with a new char, so not entirely sure however).
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The one quest that gave me some difficulty initially was finding the assistant. Looked through those cellars forever, esp the one I suspected to be the right one (as you get some text upon entering).

Turned out the assistant back then did not spawn for me due to a bug (at so close to a wall outside the room she should be in that I did not see her).

Finding that cellar to me still is the most difficult to find location - obviously it by now is easy for me too, I am talking newcomers here

As to the fights, most bosses are not all that hard, so that difficulty is fine to me as well.
Old 12-08-2013, 03:52 PM
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Didn't have a problem first play through,I'm sure I've got some loose ends though because leveling to sample the occultist skills was my first priority.

I pretty much just explored as much as possible and kept the pace very brisk.Took down the warden at 17 and then fell asleep at the keyboard and RIPed doing a second run on him.

So,i'm assuming my second playthrough will be much more thorough and can't envision any problems with quests I may have missed.

side note,I killed the traitor this run,next I'll let him live for obvious reasons. =P

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I chose 1 as most quests are easy enough, the only one I have trouble with is Viloth who seems to be really difficult to kill no matter what build I use.
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Wow, thanks for all the responses! Interesting to read these.
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I reset the poll with new poll options so that they are more reflective of the information we're trying to get. If you guy's who already voted wouldn't mine, please enter your votes again.
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