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Default Greetings

Hi all, I'm Valkez, real name Matt. I've been playing GD almost non-stop for about an year now, and these forums taught me a lot about the game over the time. Now I play mostly on HC, spending most of my playtime figuring out new builds, and still the people of these forums give me great inspiration for new ideas

I decided to join the forums now, so that I may too comment on the game, learn some more tricks from the veterans and perhaps contribute what little I can
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Hello, I'm NeoDobby (who didn't realise during registration that he was using the wrong keyboard layout...). My name is Matthias, from Germany.

I've been playing GD on and off since early access. I just logged 400 hours, but I've been playing thousands of hours of TQ before (and a bit of TQAE in between). I've finally decided to participate a bit in here, after previously miserly just reading the misadventures for updates.

If I'm not playing GD, I like to play mostly role playing games like the Witcher, or strategic games like Stellaris.
And if I'm not on the PC, I play board games instead or read a good book. And I recently started playing D&D5

In GD I play only softcore so far, and usually alone. I've tried to start playing multiplayer with friends before, but it didn't last long because they weren't that into that game and scheduling seedings was difficult. Maybe I'll try it again with the right people, but it's still a lot of fun in single player, and hopefully will continue to do so for a lot more hours.

Edit: whoops, that was supposed to go in its own thread -.-

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welcome to the forum guys!
'I'm going to enjoy this'

'Enough of this, die!'

- Darius Cronley
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