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Updated frequently!

please PM me for trades, or message me on steam
or discord

Looking for:

mythical light's defender gauntlets
mythical peerless eye of beronath
mythical ultos' spaulders

for all of these, I'm of course also happy with the blueprint

PM your price, I can pay in mats if you want


can craft (fee: 2/4 kilrian's shattered soul and of course the required materials and iron)

agrivix's malice
bysmiel's domination
dirge of arkovia
eye of the storm
menhir's bastion
mogdrogen's ardor
nidalla's outbreak
oleron's wrath
plunderer's talisman
primal instinct
solael's decimation
ulzuin's pyroclasm

aetherbolt pendant
badge of mastery
beronath, reforged
claw of hagaraz
dagallon's faceguard
darkblaze headguard
deathguard hood
dread-mask of gurgoth
essence of the grim dawn
gaze of empyrion
heart of malmouth
herald of blazing ends
hex launcher
howl of the wendigo
mark of lethal intentss
mark of the voracious one
mask of the harbinger
maw of despair
mythical abyssal mask
mythical band of the eternal haunt
mythical beastcaller's cowl
mythical chillflame evoker
mythical circlet of the great serpent
mythical cowl of the venomblade
mythical demonslayer's hat
mythical divinesteel hauberk
mythical iceskorn talons
mythical light's defender helm
mythical mask of the harbinger
mythical necrolord's gaze
mythical stormseer sapphire
mythical trozan's hat
olexra's chill
really great pants
reaver's hunger
redeemer of malmouth
starfury emerald
stoneguard girdle
stormbringer of malmouth
the desolator
the overseer
trozan's hat
ultos' hood
ulzuin's headguard
visage of the black flame
warborn visor
wyrmbone mask


bloodfang oil
relic - citadel
relic - glacier
relic - oleron's wrath
relic - malediction
relic - sanctuary
relic - ulzuin's pyroclasm


oleron's wrath


dawnguard helm
empowered berserker's cowl
empowered tempest of the void
empowered templar's headguard
faceguard of perdition
glory of the silver knight
mythical corruptor's mask
mythical glory of the silver knight
mythical mask of delirium
mythical purging gaze
mythical silver sentinel's mask
mythical spiritweaver circlet
mythical tempest of the void
praetorian faceguard
sharpshooter's glass eye
wildcaller's cowl


bloodreaper's coat
cloth of unspeakable invocation
dawnguard plate
dreadwalker raiment
empowered bloodreaper's coat
empowered doomforged breastplate
empowered fanatic's overcoat
empowered fused carapace armor
empowered guardsman's defender
empowered malduin's cloth
empowered miasma robes
empowered skinflayer raiment
luminari jacket
magnison's trenchcoat
mythical corruptor's robe
mythical myrmidon chestguard
mythical sharpshooter's coat
mythical silver sentinel's armor
mythical voidforged battle plate
nighthunter's chestguard
sharpshooter's coat
skinflayer raiment
voidforged battle plate
wildspeaker coat


brimstone shoulderguard
dawnguard epaulets
empowered mantle of the weeping eye

fateweaver's mantle
guardsman's spaulders
mythical alchemist's mantle
mythical astral mantle
mythical mantle of the weeping eye
razorback's spined mantle

venomtongue mantle 2x


bladedancer's handguards
bloodrite gauntlets

bonescavenger's deathgrips
dawnguard gauntlets
empowered bladedancer's handguards
empowered embergrip handguards
empowered inscribed bracers
empowered quickdraw gloves
empowered marauder's gloves
empowered soul's touch
empowered thundertouch bracers

grasp of unchained might
inscribed bracers
marauder's gloves
mythical bladedancer's handguards
mythical embergrip handguards
mythical haruud's frigid grip

mythical riftwarped grasp
mythical runesinged handguards
mythical runic bracers

mythical voidsteel gauntlets
quickdraw gloves
silktouch handwraps
spellmaker's grip
zealot's gauntlets


empowered legplates of valor
empowered shadoweave leg
empowered soiled trousers
empowered swampdweller's legguards
empowered templar's leg armor
flesheater legwraps

mythical boneweave leggings 2x
mythical hulking legguards
mythical rifthound legwraps
mythical scorchrune legwraps
mythical shadoweave leggings
mythical slithscale legwraps

mythical wraithborne legwraps
shadeleather leggings
spellweave legwraps


desecrator treads
dreadnought footpads
empowered bloodhound greaves
empowered boots of unseeing swiftness
empowered dreadnought footpads
empowered final march
empowered molten walkers
empowered rifthound leather boots
empowered sellecor's march
empowered windborne greaves
explorer's footpads

galewind treads
hellion greaves
magelord's greaves
mythical bloodhound greaves

mythical fiendflesh greaves
mythical final march
mythical golemborn greaves
mythical grim harvest boots
mythical molten walkers
mythical sellecor's march

mythical venomspine greaves 2x
the final march
spellsage boots


acolyte's cord
bloodbathed links
chains of anguish
empowered acolyte's cord
empowered oldenar's stabilizer
empowered warchief's glory
flame keeper's girdle
flamescourge girdle

guthook belt
mythical acolyte's cord
mythical cord of the ancestor
mythical legionnaire's triumph
mythical soulweave girdle
mythical star seer's cord
mythical stormtouched chains

negating ugdenbog girdle of the sea
oldenar's stabilizer
sharpshooter's pouch
skyreach sash
stoneskin girdle
stormtouched chains
skyreach sash


bane of nuram'siin
binding emerald of mogdrogen
devil's charm
mythical frozen core
mythical weeping ruby
pendant of valiance


aetherlord's signet
empowered band of black ice
empowered band of black ice
empowered briarthorn band

mythical signet of the fallen


arcanum sigil
badge of mastery +3 olexra's flash freeze; +2 wind devil
badge of tenacity
blazeseer crest
empowered mark of the templar
illusionist's mark
mark of infernal misery

mark of the forbidden
myrmidon revered star
mythical mark of the dreadblade
mythical pyroclasm mark
mythical solemn mark

2h melee

alvarick's rebuke
champion of the light
empowered boneshard lacerator
empowered farmstead liberator
empowered golemfist gavel
mythical champion of the light
mythical conduit
mythical golemfist gavel
mythical massacre

mythical nightshade's reach
mythical soulsplitter
mythical tremor

stonefist rebuke 2x
the conduit
trollgut eviscerator

1h melee

asterkarn cleaver
black hand of sanar'siin
bloodreaper's cleaver
empowered cruel edge
empowered lightning rod
empowered voidblade
fist of the blind assassin
hellclaw slicer
hound's bite
lightning rod
mythical cruel edge
mythical aethersteel arbiter
mythical leander greene's hand cannon
mythical omen

mythical soulbearer
mythical witchstalker
thirsting maw
touch of malice

2h ranged

brimstone repeater
curse of burrwitch
empowered boltspitter
empowered devil's mark
empowered eye
empowered frigid quillbreath
empowered hellmaw shotgun
empowered huntsman
empowered scarlet marksman
flame keeper's repeater
frigid quillbreath

gildor's pulverizer

mythical boltspitter
mythical dreadscorcher
mythical flame keeper's repeater
mythical huntsman
mythical interrogator

mythical quillthrower of dreeg
mythical valdun's rifle

mythical wretched crow of bysmiel
nar's arcane destroyer
salt-core bolter

the scarlet marksman
wretched crow of bysmiel

1h ranged

empowered slime bolter
empowered soulflayer
mythical frigid barrel of the relentless north


blazeguard arbiter
defender of devil's crossing
devil's grin
empowered elementium
empowered guardsman's defender
empowered lichguard
empowered maw of the beast
empowered oathbreaker's guard
empowered spiriteater bulwark
myrmidon's guard
mythical blazeguard arbiter
mythical dawnshard bulwark
mythical spiriteater bulwark
mythical templar's faith

mythical will of the living
spiriteater bulwark
vanguard of the legion


aldanar's vanity
callidor's codex
channeling orb of the covenant
crushing will
dreadwalker tome
edrick's backscratcher
empowered banshee's misery
empowered crushing will
empowered heretic's tome
empowered stormcaller's effigy
maiven's tome

mythical aldanar's vanity
mythical callidor's codex
mythical codex of malligosta

mythical contagion
mythical scorcher's archive
mythical skull of gul'amash
mythical virulent maw
mythical word of inquisitor abalon
sacred texts of menhir
storm scion
Excuse me, while I kiss the sky
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