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Originally Posted by medea fleecestealer View Post
Going by my suggested change from a petmancer to a Vitality Conjurer say I changed when he hit L100 - he would have had the remaining part of Act 4 to do and then the expansion.
For me the situation is a character at level 75 (out of 85 possible - no AoM yet), devotion procs capped, low player motivation due to doing the same things with the same build twice already. Switching to a completely different set of active skills should make those last ten levels (2.5 Acts) more interesting. And more likely to happen...

Nemesis - at this point, about to clear Cronley's Hideout, I need 3600 Aetherial, 6400 Chthonian, 15000 Cronley, 16000 Kymon, and 8200 Undead. I don't have a good sense of how quickly one earns enemy rep, but that looks like Aetherial might unlock naturally, Chthonians should be somewhat close, and the rest will require moderate to enormous amounts of grinding.

Do all nemeses have the same loot pool? Maybe unlocking Valdaran is good enough...
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Started new thread re Demotivation as we're getting way off topic for this one.
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