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I think removing skill disruption and adding a reduced DA (the stackable kind) would also be a very good, both for balance and "lore" of the mastery. It would fit the aggressive nature of aura of censure, imho
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20% reduced damage, -10% OA, -10% DA and 10% chance to remove all crowdcontrol resistances for 1 second
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Aura Range:
I believes that increasing aura range
= buff ranged BDs without affecting melee BDs much
= matches Crate's direction on Inquisitor/All those ranged improvements.

Skill Disruption Reflected:
If the player throws an active skill with skill disruption - and got reflected,
the active skill itself will suffer from the reflection and cannot be spammed (like all other active skills)
If the players use a permanent buff with skill disruption - and got reflected,
I think it doesn't affect that buff itself at all? Haven't checked.
If yes than nothing can stop aura of censure trolling your other skills in this scenario
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