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Originally Posted by Younghappy View Post
So for anyone who didn't watch Grava's latest stream, he showed off some of the new common armour sets and said "there's actually some spoilers in here". Continue for possible spoilers. All pieces were either named "Preserver" or Redeemer" (i.e. "Preserver Hat" for the awesome fucking top hat in Misadventure #104) - new faction spoilers maybe? I can't think of anything else that these common armours could reveal about the xpac.

Link to Misadventure #104's top hat: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showp...4&postcount=55
I wish they change Fist of the Blind Assassin

Seriously looks like a weird sex toy, plus it is called "fist"
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Originally Posted by Ceno View Post
What could it mean?!?
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discussion, lore

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