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Thanks for the update!
Give the game the time it needs please
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Thanks for the "behind the scene" update medierra!
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Carried away with quests? Full-time animator experienced with the engine? I say that's some great news.

I just really hope that people don't mistake "alpha" for a final demo, as they tend to...
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Devs, please don't rush in development, just take your time. We can wait
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WOW another full time dev and someone who is familiar with the engine!! that is awesome, so this takes the full time devs working now to 7? which is a lot, but yeah it does sound like you needed an animator, so really, really good you got someone full time

thank you for the news, I know you probably didn't really want to release this, but at least you taken the brave decision to let the community know of the progress behind the scenes

as for the alpha itself, take your time, don't rush it, even if the deadline for Q1 slips into Q2, a rushed game, even an alpha could end up hurting Crate more then a buggy game that has broken quests, and a lot worse

at least if you take your time and make sure things are up to scratch before it gets released, then the game will help in more ways then one,

sure there will be those that may not realise this is an alpha, and may consider this as an early go at the game, but there will be those that do realise this, and take the alpha for what it is

but a good alpha will be far better then a bad alpha, so take your time, as much as you need to release a good alpha, so people's word of mouth will spread the knowledge of the game even more, so even more sales, and more money to keep your full time devs going

good luck and we are here for you, don't rush the game just to please people, we understand you are a small studio, but for a small studio you are doing wonders, keep up the great work you are doing

I salute you
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Thanx for the update once again Med. Things sound like we are moving on pretty well. No worries about a little slow down. I bet we all want a much smoother alpha experience. Hang in there guys!
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That *is* very cool news. I wish Grim Dawn had had the enormous success that Project Eternity has had (!), but not all things can be ideal, and it sounds like $things$ are proceeding apace anyway. Yay!

Now we just need another KickStarter for a sequel to my recent late-to-the-party addiction - Defense Grid.
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I hope you guys took enough rest. No rush, NO - RUSH
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Thanks for the update, they are always appreciated and enlightening. I know you are feeling the pressure, but many of us here have been around for a long time now (years) and are patient enough to wait for what you feel is the right time to release your hard work to the world, don't rush it if you don't have to.

GD Defiler with saving has been released! Looking for more information? Go here!

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Tahnks for the update. My favourite part is the evolving town that Jalex had already posted about. I remember that when I suggested it that it was unlikely to get in because you said it's too much work for the team you had back then. I am really really happy that all this changed. I can't wait to see the alpha...well maybe one or two months.
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alpha, animations, character, quests
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