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Oh man please give these guys an awesome M.I... like some kind of armor M.I. since their body looks tough! Awesome looking terror monster!
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Umm, do we get AP ammunition?
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Originally Posted by PCDania View Post
Umm, do we get AP ammunition?
No, in fact the game now starts with you waking up in a nest of these with nothing but a fork and 10 cents in change.
***Waste of Souls***
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
No, in fact the game now starts with you waking up in a nest of these with nothing but a fork and 10 cents in change.
And it's for the best, since these creature are renowned for both their excellent line of exotic goods (cheapest starting at only 10 cents, because their repellent look kinda lower the demand) AND their impressive ability to cook delicious meals already cut in pieces so that you can enjoy it without a knife (way better that the non existent soup of this damn cook that just talks and never actually cooks anything).

Watch out devs, you are getting a little soft with GD these time.

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Originally Posted by adoomgod View Post
I like them and the theme a lot but I'll say this: they look like basic foot soldiers. They look like mutated shrimp but they mutated very "cleanly." I'd like to see some extra limbs sticking out here and there maybe. Or perhaps just on hero versions that'd be bigger and more distorted.

Those little spikey limbs are really cool and it'd be nice to see extra small ones or grotesque big ones. You can even work them into different types of monsters.

Rift scourge with extra tiny limbs jutting out are ranged and shoot spikes, and a version with one really big deformed arm is a charger class. Just food for though.
i agree with this, surely the dark energies of the ch'thonian void or whatever warp these things a little bit when they come into cairn with its different energies (or whatever).
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