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Default Infinite Loadscreen AoM


i already searched a lot to solve my problem but nothing worked.

Situation: Before i installed the AoM Expansion everything was working fine (Normal Version + Crucible + Loyalist). After installing AoM i get stuck in the first Loadscreen (with the Crate Logo) right after starting the game. The loading logo keeps spinning but nothing happens... but i can hear the AoM background sound. I waited for over 5 mins but still nothing... I also tried to reinstall the game, everything works until i install AoM... then i get the same problem again.
I bought the Game at GoG.com and downloaded all necessary installation files there.

AoM Version is

What i already tried:
- Run the Game in DirectX9 (with /d3d9 parameter)
- reinstall the Game
- restart
- delete Folders (save, settings, the whole "Grim Dawn" folder ...) .. yes i backuped my Character before
- update Graphic Cards Driver
- reinstall Microsoft Redistributable Package
- add Firewall Exception, Disable Avast
- run the Repair tool

Few Infos about my System:
- AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor
- Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
- System: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

Pls tell me if you find any other solution that could help, the game is so awesome!


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I cant really help on this one since i use steam version....have you tried making a new character? on normal from start with AoM installed?
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Originally Posted by Fliffy View Post
- add Firewall Exception, Disable Avast
Disabling won't really work (why this is, I don't know but in all but a couple of cases where the AV was the issue, disabling never worked). You have to either completely uninstall the AV or whitelist Grim Dawn in Avast's settings.

To whitelist GD, look in Avast's settings for an option to whitelist or add exceptions to files or folders.

Add these two locations:
C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn <--Adjust this location to wherever the actual install location is
C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn

Not saying this will necessarily work in this instance but this is how you handle a 3rd party AV with Grim Dawn.
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Your list sounds pretty comprehensive, I thought it might be the graphics driver but you tried that already.

Did you do a full install of or did you use some patches (1.0.6 to 1.0.7 etc) ? The GOG upgrade seems to be bugged so make sure it is a full install.

You might also try Galaxy and see if that updates pieces to get to a complete install.
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Thanks all for you help, mambas solution with GoG Galaxy did it!

What i did wrong: i downloaded all files through GoG Homepage (without using GoG Galaxy at all) ... so i had four exe Files (Main Game, 2 DLCs and AoM). I installed them behind one another... and got that problem...

The solution was: i uninstalled the game, downloaded GoG Galaxy and downloaded everything all-in-one(Download of 5,7gb) through GoG Galaxy and now it works! Tried out to uninstall GoG Galaxy afterwards and it still works.. looks like its not the best idea to use the seperate game files from GoG Homepage to install the game... better use GoG Galaxy for downloading in the future :P Maybe the upcoming addon will fix this ;-)

Greetz Fliffy

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