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Default Extended Skill Template Needed

I am looking for help with the skill tree template. Currently, I was able to use the .TPL file from Coronus mod for the expanded skill tree of 99 skills, but of course I need more! Can anyone explain/link how to create/edit a .tpl file or provide a further expanded version, preferably 200+? MY current project is using triple weighted skills, so I have a lot of redundant skills filling up my skill tree that add passive bonuses to other skills as you level a current ability (similar to how Diablo 2 skills give +%X to other skills).

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To make an expanded version you simply add more variables to the template file, so instead of the normal amount of variables (or 99 in your case) it will have 200.
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Oh I understand now, I never looked hard enough in the template window itself. It offers the editing ability in its own viewer using DBREditor. OK, thanks, this will work wonderfully!
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