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After some testing the reset only occurs if you put more than 32 points into the mastery bar and than remove the mastery with the GD Defiler. The file "transmutes.gst" than resets as you enter the world ingame with that character. I tested this several times with the necromancer mastery and a with GD Defiler manipulated level 15 character with 259 skillpoint avaible.
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i have a lvl 40 soldier can't seem to reset its mastery i havn't selected a 2nd mastery is that the cause or something else on patch

nvm got it.

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Originally Posted by Oneiros View Post
I have the same issue with the illusionist. Looks like removing a mastery also resets the illusionist and removes all previously unlocked skins.
interesting, I see no connection there or how the game would even know you removed a mastery as opposed to never having selected a second one - not to mention why the reaction should be to delete the illusions

Not saying there isn't one, just surprised it exists...
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Default Having issues with running the app

Hi, I'm having issues with opening the app and am hoping someone can help me out.
When I doubleclick the .application, the error message says "You cannot start application from this location because it is already installed on another location" and when I click "details", apparently the 'other location' is the website itself.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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