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Question Need some help with loot

Is there any way to filter green items by affixes or prefixes? The reason why I am asking is:
I am currently farming crucible. It is fun, but there are tons of green loot, but I want to see only items with specific affixes/suffixes. It is very time consuming to pickup all green trash and then sell it to vendor. It is fine when I am farming alone, but, usually I am in group, and group members do not want to wait until I finish sorting my inventory. It is reasonable. I cannot just do not pick up unnecessary loot, because I do not see new loot because of huge amount of green trash on the floor. Is there any way to deal with this issue?
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Sorry, no. You have the filter button on the lefthand side of the UI which allows you to choose none shown, common and up, yellow and up, green and up, Epics and up or Legendaries, but that's as far as the filter goes. No way to filter for specific affixes and/or suffixes.
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try this
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