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Old 08-11-2017, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Rylocke View Post

I feel like an excited kid just arriving to a playground and finding dozens of other kids to play with! Then, upon closer inspection, I find that they're just sitting still, staring off into space while the teachers wait on them.

"Don't you want to play?" I ask. "We've got to participate to be able to have our afternoon snack and juice."

"Nah, man. I told the teacher that I'd accuse her of molestation if she doesn't do what I say, so now I just sit here doing nothing while she simply brings me my afternoon treats." He glares at me. "What I do shouldn't concern you anyway, new kid."

"I suppose it doesn't, but it is disappointing to be so close to having a friend to play with, only to find out he's a manipulative tool with no self-control" I blurt out.

"You going to go tattle to Principal Zantai?" He is starting to look angry now; it would appear this child fears change and will say whatever he must to maintain his cushy, lazy system.

It's not the time for cowardice! I take a deep breath and reply, "You're damn right I am! I don't mind kids getting free snacks, but it shouldn't be so easy and able to be exploited! I believe the school administration should continue to allow these kids to modify the way they play during recess if they so choose, but things should be removed from the core playground that make it overly easy to cheese the system."

"Whatever man, go play by yourself."

I shed a single tear, for I know that this is exactly what I will be doing.
As much as I agree with this post, this analogy is pretty bad and it really bothers me so I'm going to be pedantic.

1. Recess is free time, not a guided activity like the Crucible. If people want to spend that time talking to each other, reading a book, standing around doing nothing etc. they are using just as correctly as kids who want to run around.

2. Why would the kids get stuff depending on how they spend their free time? All the people who still support recess as a concept look at it as a time to relax and worrying about enjoying your time the right way is anything but relaxing.

3. In the analogy what the kid is doing DOES affect you. Considering the teacher has a major impact on your school day and a change in the teacher will change your school day.

But again, I support your overall message.
Old 08-11-2017, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Duck_King View Post
I feel stupid for having absolutely no idea what this thread is about. I even tried to google "die farming"....
He means they simply enter a game, die, let someone else do the work and reap the rewards. Die farming, if you will

Usually it would be because they are either not good enough to do it themselves, not equipped enough, or simply purely lazy or a combination of all the above.

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Originally Posted by powbam View Post
He means they simply enter a game, die, let someone else do the work and reap the rewards. Die farming, if you will

Usually it would be because they are either not good enough to do it themselves, not equipped enough, or simply purely lazy or a combination of all the above.

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So on multiplayer if someone else finishes, they still reap the same rewards for finishing crucible?

Reminds me of the the FF7 Battle arena. Consolation prize should be a tissue if you get wrecked early
Old 08-11-2017, 12:37 PM
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@OP I recommend introducing yourself to some of the streamers on twitch. They're nice guys and I even got into a crucible run with a couple of them yesterday. Unfortunately, you have to actively seek out others that play like you do. But between the forum, discord, reddit and twitch, you're likely to find a group of players you like pretty quickly. If you do run into someone that wants to die farm, kick them or find another game.
Old 08-13-2017, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Rylocke View Post
The fix that I'm requesting would open up more multiplayer interaction among players as opposed to me simply banning people or seeking out a small subset of players. I enjoy jumping into multiplayer games and hosting my own without the same core group of players each time, personally. It's a chance to meet new Steam friends, check out different builds in action, etc. etc. But those players will never have the chance to meet me if this behavior doesn't change! And that's a TRAVESTY!

Again, I couldn't care less about how people choose to play a game by themselves. But if there are, say, 20 people online at once, and 14 of them are die farming, we won't be playing together. However, if that exploit were to be removed or at least lessened, it might encourage more people to play together more often. Hooray for making friends!
The keyword there is "might".

Not gonna lie, whether a fix does get implemented or not, i'de still be hesitant to play with AFK/Die farmers.

Maybe I'm looking into things too much but it certainly says something about a person's character that they are not willing to put in any effort, take credit for other people's work and in some of your examples - readily beg to get their way .

As I (and others) have said, i'de find people who actually enjoy playing the game and join in with them.
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