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Exclamation Items dissappear after trade


I play the game with my brother. I happened upon a really kickass legendary mace (agony was the name i think), which beneffitted him the most, so i gave it to him in through the Trade option. The problem was, the trade was successfull for me (he gave me a couple of items back) but not for him. The result was a duplicated number of ingredients (the ones he gave me) and the TOTAL DISSAPPEARANCE of said mace. The thing is not in any inventory, any bags, any weapon slot, just gone.

We play in LAN sessions, Steam build, no Tunngle or anything (not sure it is relevant but..)

Don't know if anyone had this exact thing happen, but i'd like two things
done please (if possible):

*The issue fixed (it is really a pain to just throw everything on the ground when we want to trade)
*The mace back (not that imperative, but i don't want to go back farming for something like it)

Sorry for the blunt, direct exposition, it's the very first bug i find in this game, and i also FU**ING LOVE THIS GAME, so it is a small dissappointment to see that

Thank you in advance
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Never had that issue before with trading so i cannot say anything about that bug.

Crate cannot give you your item back sense they do not have access to your save but, you can use GDSidekick to get your item back.

Download here. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/group...discussionid=4

Very simple. backup your saves and then just copy paste some files real quick. Read the readme text before using just to make sure you have a sense of what you are doing.
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Thanks for the reply!

Yes i figured the thing is gone, but it's not important at all. I don't know about using a third party app though since i don't want to mess anything up but thank you for your suggestion

About the bug itself, we tried replicating it and we had another problem. Sometimes the trade window won't even appear. When prompted to accept a trade request, clicking 'Yes' will do nothing, so it seems the issue is a little more f**ked up than i thought, and also happens when playing from different pc's, so i don't think that the problem is something i alone have.
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