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Default Yet another Blueprint question

Nearing the end of having them all (-3), one wonders why if they are going to be so rare to drop why can't duplicates drop giving us the ability to trade for what we need? And to add to the world drops never dropping duplicates why is it that quest rewards are always ones we already know? Seems to me that this could be the incentive to have more play throughs with other characters make the ultimate quest reward you with blueprints not yet learned not yet another calamity (for e.g.)

I'd be more than fine with making new builds to get missing blueprints rather than farming for nemesis for that glimmer of hope to be followed by let down.
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Iirc there were multiple complaints about duplicate blueprints dropping, hence why it's as it is. I could well be completely wrong about this as it's 03:08 here, but I think this is the why
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Technically duplicates do drop, you just can't see them.
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I had heard that about blueprints still dropping but unable to see as well as a way to see them as to be able to pick up. Any truth to that cause that would allow trading.

Playing crucible last night and a blueprint dropped that was not on my check list so, doh, not sure if it is 3 I'm missing.
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You can see duplicates using Alt key.
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