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Damn I'm having so much fun. I have now 147 hours on PoE. I'll play less now that my vacation is over and gotta go back to work.. hehe Reached maps with 3 builds:

Frost blades raider, RF Berserker and Cleave Duelist!


Gameplay wise, I've found my game. Even with some negative comments in this thread.

All I can complain about is Graphics are kinda bad and lore is uninteresting really. Community is good and helpful, never had anyone rude in my groups.

I'm a fkin casual lol My work hours are hard so this game fits me perfectly.

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As much as I want Iquisitor Martyr to be good, the gameplay videos I watched some time ago hinted that the game was going to be hot garbage. The gameplay looked awfully slow and didn't seem to bring anything new asides from a cover system. Maybe the game has improved since, but I won't hold my breath.
It's totally different from PoE. It feels more action packed dispite its speed. Of course if you prefer just click one button and wait when you clear all map then this game is not for you.

lore is uninteresting
I found that lore is pretty good for me.
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I wonder if I should revisit POE again, haven't played it for...no idea how long. Hmm.. thinking.
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The reason I never played POE and never will (unless they add an Auction House) is because I played Diablo II and to compete in that game you needed to engage in trade channel spamming and reading others' spam. That kind of thing is Hell (and not in a good way).

The other alternatives are not much better, i.e. having to post in-game trade items on a website.

After that I decided, "Never again!" Never again will a play game that needs an Auction House but refuses to put one in. I'm glad that this thread has informed me that all these years later, nothing has changed with POE. No Auction House means it's not even worth considering IMO.
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